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Smoochr Black Dating App Slammed as Digital Paper Bag Test



by G. Brown

Dating is hard enough…but now a new dating app to “discover Black love” has just made it harder.

Smoochr is advertising “discover Black singles by complexion, hair type and more!” I don’t know what the ” and more ” is, but Smoochr managed to hit two of the big panic issues when it comes to Black women—hair and complexion. set up a fake account to get a closer look at the profile questions. The regular questions to be expected show up on the profile like”how tall are you?”…”Describe your body” etcetera.  The profile questions that are rubbing people the wrong way popped up on the “Complexion” tab. It asks people to describe their complexion with multiple choice answers of :

  • Rather not say
  • Mocha
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Pecan 
  • Almond
  • Chocolate
  • Latte

Can’t get any worse than that right?…sure it can. Let’s get to the hair type profile section where your choices are:

  • Rather not say
  • Natural hair
  • Weave
  • Extensions
  • Afro
  • Short hair
  • Big hair
  • Clean cut
  • Beard

When asking people to describe their lips, choices include “soup coolers” and “duck lips” along with thin or full.

The dating app is so offensive that tech developer Elen Awalom created the hashtag #ShutdownSmoochr.  Awalom is not alone in hatred for the dating app as several Twitter users made it clear what they think of Smoochr.

Screenshot (722)


Screenshot (719)


Screenshot (720)












As several people noted, the site is a digital paper bag test. Sure people have a type some men prefer curvy girls, some ladies prefer muscular types who are 6’0″ tall.  But why should looking for love make you feel like someone is going to decide if you’re working the fields or in the house?

Maybe the app was a developer’s idea of a sick joke…said developer should take note because nobody’s laughing.

What do you think of this Smoochr app…could a Black developer be behind it? Is it real or someone just trolling African Americans?



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