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Snoop Dogg Destroyed All Evidence Of Todd’s Existence: Were White People Offended?




Snoop Dogg has done it again. At one point, the world got used to this legendary rapper’s name changes every couple of months. He started off as Snoop Doggy Dogg, and then he dropped the Doggy to keep it a bit classier. Then the Dogg grew into a lion, and he started to go by Snoop Lion. Now we can scratch all of the Dogg business because his new name is Todd.

Our favorite uncle has changed his name and his race by changing his name to Todd and going into whiteface. Snoop posted a number of pictures and videos on his Instagram account appearing as Todd. He changed his voice, and he wore a wig.

Responses to Snoop’s transformation ranged from people thinking it was hilarious to people thinking that he got a hold of the wrong stash. Nonetheless he got a response, but now the photos and videos are nowhere to be found on his IG account.

Just recently, a radio talk show host bashed Snoop for the whiteface stunt that he pulled, saying that Snoop is racist and does not deserve anymore passes. The former co-host of The Star and Buc Wild Morning Show suggested that Black people are setting a double standard when they complain about white people in blackface but have no problem participating in whiteface.

Do you guys think that we should be offended by Snoop’s weird and random joke?

He is not the only one who has done whiteface. Nick Cannon did it too, and people came down on him pretty hard. But there are still more people participating in blackface than the opposite situation.

Blackface has been around for years, and its main purpose was to make fun of African Americans and to dehumanize them. In fact, blackface originated within the white community and was only performed in predominantly white establishments at one point. Whiteface did not come into fruition until a little more recently, and it is usually only done to further display the privilege that they possess.

Maybe Snoop could have performed a joke that went sour or he could have been making a huge statement that people may have overlooked.

Do you think that whiteface is appropriate?


Share your thoughts.

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