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Somaya Reece Breaks it Down on How to Be Financially Free



By: Evette Champion

Do you remember way back in the day when MySpace was a thing? Back when MySpace was popular and before the revamp, SoMaya Reece was the first woman to have 1 million followers (those numbers dropped to 865,000, but that’s still impressive though) on the social media platform and was recognized as the “Female Emcee You Need to Know” in 2011 by XXL magazine.

Today, she has over 31 million views and she has proven to be a viral marketing maven. Before unveiling her MySpace, she grew up in South Central LA to an immigrant family who cleaned houses to make ends meet. She refused to become another statistic and started taking the necessary steps that put her where she is today.

She took to Instagram and made a very real post about how to get your hustle on and improve your situation.


With thousands, if not millions, of people flocking to social media as a way to get out there, be known, and get their piece of the pie, here are some women we feel that you may want to start following. Hopefully, these ladies will give you the inspiration to be like Somaya and change your life and become financially free.

Jenna Wortham (@JennyDeluxe)

If you’re interested in technology and media startups, you should start following her. She has close to 500,000 followers on Twitter, and you could also read what she has to write for the New York Times.

Crystal Washington (@CrysWashington)

This wouldn’t be a list of women to follow with a large following of their own if she wasn’t on this list. Although she isn’t a popular personality on the social media outlets, she is a social media consultant and could definitely help you get your foot in the door.

Melinda Emerson (@SmallBizLady)

Melinda is listed as Forbes #1 influential woman for entrepreneurship because she teaches #succeedasyourownboss.

If you could start your own startup company so that you could become financially free, what would it be? And… What’s stopping you?


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