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Stars Pay Loving Tribute to Comedy Legend John Witherspoon




by G. Brown

His humor made every day “Friday”. His career credits are as voluminous as any novel with TV and Movie appearances that include “Hollywood Shuffle”, “The Wayans Bros”, “The Boondocks”, “Vampire in Brooklyn” and “Boomerang”. His over the top characters made audiences laugh to the point of tears. As news of his death spreads across the internet, Witherspoon is again leaving many of us in tears.

John Witherspoon’s family posted on Twitter a very somber message confirming that the 77-year-old actor had died.

The family’s  post to the comedian’s Twitter account said: “He was a legend in the entertainment industry and a father figure to all who watched him over years.”

A father figure who touched many hearts especially of those privileged enough to work with him.  Ice Cube and Regina King joined a long list of celebrities mourning the life of the man many lovingly referred to as “Pops”…

Born with the real surname Weatherspoon, the comedian made a slight variation to the stage name Witherspoon.

This beloved funnyman started his career as a serious actor with his first TV appearance on a network drama “Barnaby Jones” in 1970.  But Witherspoon was a natural when it came to comedy and soon landed  roles on hit sitcoms like “Good Times” and “What’s Happening”.  In 1977 he became a series regular on “The Richard Pryor Show” which though shortlived gave Witherspoon major exposure and opened the doors to a steady stream of opportunities.

In his later years,  Witherspoon reached a whole generation of young fans through voice work on animated shows like “The Proud Family” and “The Boondocks”.  In 2003, the well-known comedian surprised many by competing on NBC’s reality competition “Last Comic Standing”.  At the end of the season, Witherspoon was the last comic standing and inked a contract.

His death was Twitter’s trending topics under hashtags like #Bang, Bang Bang”–a tribute to one of his funniest bits from the film “Boomerang” with Eddie Murphy.

Recalling some of their favorite lines from the funnyman prompted one fan to compile a wonderful video of some of the best of Witherspoon.

Witherspoon reportedly died at his Sherman Oaks, California  home Tuesday. The cause of death has not been released as of this writing.

TRN extends our deepest condolences to the Witherspoon family, friends and fans.

Rest in paradise John Witherspoon.

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  1. Avatar

    Shawn J.

    November 1, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    Many prayers and condolences to John Witherspoon’s family; he was funny and will truly be missed for sure. May he rest in Heaven/paradise/peace/power.

  2. Avatar


    October 31, 2019 at 12:02 pm


  3. Avatar

    NBA is fixed

    October 30, 2019 at 6:39 pm

    Special thanks to the Wayans Brothers, Russel Simmons and Eddie Murphy for allowing John Witherspoon to showcase his outstanding talents. He made us laugh for over twenty years. Rest in Heaven John Witherspoon.

  4. Avatar

    NBA is fixed

    October 30, 2019 at 6:33 pm

    My favorite John Witherspoon lines:

    1. “You win some, you lose some. But you live, you live to fight another day”

    2. “I heard a girl at the office got you pussy whipped”

    3. “Don’t get pussy whipped. Whip that pussy”

    4. “Don’t nobody go in the bathroom for 35, 45 minutes”

    5. “Bang bang bang bang”

    6. “Every time I’m in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. Eating all the food, all the chicken, all the pig feet”

  5. Avatar

    Eunice Giles

    October 30, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    Im so hurt and stunned. Truly was the best of the best comedian around. Prayers to the family, loved ones and friends RIP John. U will be truly missed🙏😢

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