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“Stop Bullying”:Cardi B’s Simple Answer to Gun Violence Targets Her As Sympathizing with Shooter

“Stop Bullying”:Cardi B’s Simple Answer to Gun Violence Targets Her As Sympathizing with Shooter


by G. Brown

Last week’s massacre of 17 people at a Florida high school has opened old wounds and old arugments on how to stop gun violence.  After an event so devastatingly shocking, everyone wants to weigh in as part of a cathartic process.  Rising hip hop star Cardi B shared her thoughts and is catching some push back for her simple solution to the problem.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper posted on IG, “The school shooter is never the jock, the cheerleader.. its always the kid that’s a little bit socially awkward…The best way to prevent these kinds of tragedies is to stop picking on these kids, stop bullying these kids. If you see a kid that’s not like you, compliment them… stop picking on these kids.”

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While Cardi has proven in her short career that she’s not afraid to speak up, she’s learning like other celebs that just because your fans love your music doesn’t mean they’re going to agree with your political or social views.  The rapper is getting a lot of push back from people saying she’s blaming the victims instead of the gunman.







There were supporters of Cardi’s simple solution who agree that the problem may be that public schools aren’t helping our children enough.

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Actress/play-write/professor Anna Deavere Smith echoes that sentiment to some extent saying in a recent TV interview that when kids are in trouble in our schools we push them away instead of addressing concerns before they inflate to mass shootings.  Smith said, “Black, brown, Native American and also poor White children are disciplined more harshly [by schools] than the middle class and upper-class cohorts.” making them prime candidates for the schools to prison pipeline that exists.  Smith says “things that White kids do in school might be called mischief you know and poor kids get pathologized and sent to jail.”

What Smith and Cardi shows us is that the issue of gun violence is so extreme and vast that it can’t be solved with the stroke of a pen or a referendum, but will require a deep dive into changing the way we look at the problem.

Politicians have already gone back to their talking points of  paid rhetoric that blames everything from rap music to movies to video game as the origin of violence in school, but pardons the NRA and guns. As the adults continue to play games about finding a solution, the kids are taking the matter into their own hands.  This president’s day wasn’t just another ‘free day’ of no classes, but it was a day to protest.  Hundreds of students joined the protests from the nation’s capital to Florida with more protests scheduled. The kids are demanding more than talk this time from politicians, educators and parents. They want among other things, gun reform.  Though they’re not old enough to vote or legally buy alcohol, teens like the 19 year old shooter last week can buy guns.  Unlike the adults in this fight, the kids are wise enough to look past bi-partisan and political motivations…their only motivation is the desire to live long enough to graduate from public school.