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Stranger Things: Kanye’s Alternate Reality Show




Admittedly, they are both strange. But how strange a universe would we have to be in to see Jaden Smith and Kanye West as the same person. In this universe, that’s pretty unimaginable, but in an “Omniverse” it’s possible. “Omniverse” is the name of the new anthology series slated for Showtime with Kanye executive producing at Will Smith’s Westbrook Studios.

Jaden steps into the role of a young West who ‘lives in an alternate reality, and it’s said within the 30-minute episodes “the many doors of perception” will be examined. The first season will also explore West’s ego in that altered world.”(Atlanta Black Star)

Kanye has left his mark on music and fashion and seems to be wading into the shallow end of the TV/film pool. We often talk about Krazy Kanye(you know, the Trump supporting, hiding behind Jesus to turn a profit Kanye), but this time he’s crazy like a fox. Film and tv production has proven to be profitable for rapper/actor Will Smith who’s apparently showing Kanye how it’s done.

That concludes the complimentary section of this article. Now comes the criticism, not just against Kanye, but every rapper, singer, actor with egos so big that they feel they’re just destined to be a success at everything they try. It was somewhere around the 80s or 90s when singers couldn’t just sing, but had to be flawless dancers and actors as well. The triple threat theory meant if you couldn’t do at least three different entertainment world jobs well, don’t come to Hollywood at all. Nobody cared if you could sing like Whitney or dance like Michael. If you couldn’t dance, sing and act then don’t bother.

Or is greed behind the move to diversify? True some entertainers have shortened careers like athletes and it’s understandable they want to grab all the money they can earn while they’re still A listers. But sometimes it’s okay to be great at one thing. Too much of a good thing can lead to over exposure and fatigue. Not for the artist-but for the public! To paraphrase loosely Will Smith, the only thing people love seeing more than someone making to to the top is seeing the person on top fall back to the bottom.

While most people don’t pray for the failure of others, we don’t need to hear you in our earbuds, follow you on social media, worship with you Sunday mornings, wear your clothes and see you on our TV screens. Even Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World pitchman wasn’t that interesting that we had to see him all day, errrry day, everywhere.

As for the pitch, Kanye is going to show us an alternate “reality”…haven’t we already seen that from Kanye?

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