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Students Can’t Handle It When Prof Says We All Come From Africans



by G. Brown

Ask most people ‘where did we come from’ and they’ll repeat either lessons about creationism or evolution. Ask Texas Professor Jon McGee and he will say that we all are descendants from Africa.  That’s what he told his introductory cultural anthropology class at Texas State University in San Marcos.

The lesson failed to meet the approval of some students who according to got up and walked out.  The article quotes a student who says there was a “dead silence” after McGee spoke, then about five students eventually walked out.  Another student, Karene Taylor says, “A lot of people left. It was embarrassing.” 

Professor McGee says he didn’t witness any outright dissent and says at the beginning of a new class it’s typical for people to come and go…especially in a  large class with almost 400 students.  But McGee acknowledges that “it is possible that someone didn’t like the topic and walked out.” At the time of the walkouts, the professor was talking about Black Lives Matter and when he traced the origin of mankind to Africa, that was probably “the straw that broke the camel’s back” one student noted.

The theory of all “we all come from Africa” is what’s known as the “Out of Africa’ theory.  It’s a relatively recent theory that says there were two waves of migration out of Africa.  The first in Northern Africa happened about 115,000 years ago.  The second migration is theorized to have happened along a southern route along Asia’s coastline to Eurasia and Australia.  No matter where they ended up, scientific consensus says they all came out of Africa.

For most people, it’s logical theory.  Even the most basic understanding of biology helps us to reason  when looking at creationism that both Adam and Eve couldn’t have been White because all their children and descendants would have been White also. says, “ a process of deduction we can conclude that Adam and Eve were heterozygous, each having two dominant and two recessive genes, AaBb. They would thus have been middle-brown in color and from them, in one generation, the various shades of brown would have been produced.”

The professor was trying to use this knowledge to show the importance of race.  Basically, Black Lives matter because without Blacks, none of us would be here.  Perhaps if this lesson was taught not only at the college level, but from day one in school, people would find less reason to discriminate and hate based on race.   Most students don’t learn the truth about a lot of history until they get to college and enroll in classes like McGee’s or Black Lit and Black History. By then, they’ve been hearing, believing and living half-truths for eighteen years or more. And the truth can be hard to swallow as an adult when you want to see yourself as the superior race or hate others because their hair and skin are different.

What do you think….is this the real story behind civilization? Should it be taught in elementary schools and high schools?


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