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Surprise Wins & Actress to Trump-“Disrespect Invites Disrespect”: Top 3 Moments at Golden Globes 2017



by G. Brown

The new year  has already given us our first awards show of 2017 in the form of the the 74th Annual Golden Globes. The Oscars may seem to be the more coveted prize, but the Globes as the predecessor is often a pretty accurate prognosticator of  academy award winners.  Basically, the two awards mirror each other with the same films, directors and of course actors being nominated.  The Oscars will be decided this year  by  a total of 6,600 industry professionals who belong to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  An additional 600 members were added in an attempt to create more Hollywood diversity in response to the fiasco we all remember that erupted following the #OscarSoWhite backlash.

The Golden Globes has a much smaller selection committee made up of only 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Yet, this much smaller group of journalists seems to do the same job of picking the best. Some may argue the Globes do a better job since it doesn’t seem to be plagued by a lack of diversity in nominees and winners.

The biggest winner of the night was a throwback salute to the golden age of the Hollywood musical. After a year plagued by  political and racial tensions, Americans just wanted to escape it all and the rom-com musical “La La Land” gave audiences that escape. “La La Land”  landed the night’s biggest win with a record setting seven awards including Best Film,(comedy/musical), Best Actress in the same category and Best Original Song.

Not all our favorites could win, (sorry, Denzel–there’s always the Oscars) but a few stars did shine. Viola Davis walked away with Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture (drama) for her role as “Rose” in “Fences”. The August Wilson play explores life in 1950’s America for this African-American family trying to survive. Davis beat out Naomie Harris(“Moonlight”)  and Octavia Spencer (“Hidden Figures”).   C0-star and director Denzel Washington lost out in the Best Actor category to Casey Affleck for “Manchester by the Sea”–pretty much as Washington predicted. If you want to see a full list of the Golden Globes 2017 winners and  nominees click here, but here is TRN’s list of our three favorite and most memorable moments from the Golden Globes 2017.

#1- “Moonlight” shines bright The surprise win of the night, but no less warranted, was “Moonlight” which came into the awards with six nominations.  The film lost in five of those categories,but took home the biggest prize of the night.  “Moonlight” beat out some stiff competition to land the “Best Motion Picture”(drama) award. The coming of age story about a young man growing up in Miami was the first film for director Barry Jenkins after an eight year hiatus.  Jenkins said, “There’s a myth of what a film with a cast that looks like this, where it can show…This movie has defied those perceptions.”

#2-Still hot in “Atlanta” Turning to the small screen, unlike its rival The Oscars, the Globes seems to smile upon new shows that take a risk and that was good news for FX’s new comedy hit “Atlanta”.  The show’s was one of TV’s big sensations  with both audiences and the critics in its premiere season.  Star and creator Donald Glover snagged two awards for Best Musical or Comedy Series and Best Actor in that same category.  The show beat out “Black-ish” for the top honors this year, but star Tracee Ellis Ross didn’t walk away empty handed earning the Best Actress in a TV series (musical/comedy) for  her role on “Black-ish”.


#3 Meryl Streep Dishes it out to Pres-elect  Actress Meryl Streep is pretty much a grand dame of Hollywood. Her astounding career began in the ’70s and includes nearly 50 movie roles in  hit films like “Sophie’s Choice”, “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Out of Africa”.  Streep’s ability to not just act but transformed into her characters has earned her  than 400 nominations  and 157 awards including this year’s Golden Globes Cecil B. DeMille Award for her body of work.  Instead of focusing on her past accomplishments, Streep focused on the future of this country which included some pretty deep cuts about incoming president Donald Trump…

Of course, short fuse Trump couldn’t resist the bait and responded on twitter calling the accomplished actress “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood” and “a Hillary flunky who lost big” as he denied ever having mocked a disabled reporter (which he did do).

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