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Sweet Revenge: When Haters Targeted “Honey Pot” Black Owned Business-Sales Doubled!




by G. Brown

What a few racist trolls meant for evil…has worked out to the good of Beatrice Dixon, founder of The Honey Pot–a Black-owned business specializing in feminine hygiene products.

Dixon’s business got some major publicity last month when nationwide retail giant Target featured The Honey Pot Company an ad campaign called “Founders We Believe In” commemorating Black History Month.

It was a proud moment for Dixon and eight years of sweat, hard work, and sacrifice to see her company get some national acclaim.  But the gratifying moment of basking in the limelight was soon overshadowed by racist hate.

According to NBC News, negative reviews about Honey Pot began pouring into a consumer review website called Trustpilot.  NBC says the negatives comments accused “Dixon and Target of discriminating against white people in the commercial.”

At no point in the ad does Dixon say ‘these products are for Black women and Black girls only’.  The reference to color is Dixon saying she wants to be an inspiration to young Black girls.  In the ad, Dixon says “The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well, is so the next black girl that comes up with a great idea, she could have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me“—

That’s what Dixon said…here’s what one commenter heard… “If they really think that only black women should be empowered and white women should be left out then that’s a huge step backward from the open and friendly society we tried to create over the last decades. I can’t support a company in good faith that is openly racist about their customers.”(

So from Dixon’s admirable, altruistic desire to inspire other Blacks, some saw racism. Soon another negative review came in, and another until it was an avalanche. Trustpilot was inundated with so many negative reviews about Honey Pot, that the site suspended posts for Dixon’s company and launched an investigation.

One negative review said, “Black girls are empowered using this product… I guess whites girls aren’t. I’ll be letting Target know about this racist company,” Pretty sure Target knew what Dixon’s company was about since it chose Honey Pot because of what the Black-owned business had accomplished in spite of the odds.  According to NBC, “Less than 1 percent of American venture capital-backed founders are black-owned businesses...”, many Blacks can’t even get the financial backing to get businesses off the ground.  And when companies like “Honey Pot” do get off the ground, racist trolls use negative commentary to try and put them six feet under.

But all the negative comments trolls hoped would bury Honey Pot has turned into a mountain of support and new sales.














Haters tried to bury Dixon’s company, but they should have dug two graves–the second for all the cash the backfired racist stunt is bringing in.

As for Dixon, she’s not letting any of this get under her skin and is keeping her eye on the target; “I’m thankful for it because it kind of shows the reality we live. You know, nothing about what I said was bad. Could I have said something different? Surely I could have. But if I had to go back, I still wouldn’t choose differently.”

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