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T.I. & Tiny Reveal Relationship Issues Through Song




It all started with a picture of Tiny and Floyd Mayweather’s daughter…Next thing you know, T.I. is brawling with the undefeated boxing champion in Las Vegas. Suddenly, after T.I. drops the single, “Stay” Tiny is back on the music scene after almost ten years with a new single, “What Da F***You Gon Do?” More like, what da f*** is going on here?

Recently, Tiny and T.I. have joined power couples like Bey and Jay, or Robin and Paula in the crumbling relationship club. On top of that, it seems that they’re all following the same trend: infidelity and music. It was the demise of Robin Thicke’s relationship where we saw from his atrociously low number in sales of his latest album, “Paula” along with him selling their Bellaire home. (Read all about it [Here]). Then, we have Beyonce and Jay, whose personal lives erupted from the elevator melee with Solange. Our source of confirmation with them was when Beyonce went on stage and changed the lyrics to her song, shocking everyone [Watch Video Here].

How does this relate to Tiny and T.I.? Because not only are there rumors of infidelity, but like the previous couples they’re airing out their dirty laundry through their music. There was the rumble with Mayweather and now all of a sudden there’s this mysterious man in the picture who threatens the relationship of the Harris family?

As of now, it’s safe to assume that the mystery man is Mayweather. For a second there, Mayweather was a catalyst for drama and violence, starting from telling T.I to “control your b****” to him hawking down Tiny on the red carpet. T.I. made him look childish by maturely responding to Mayweather’s comment of sleeping with Tiny and at that instant, we thought Mayweather was crazy. But in T.I.’s “Stay,” we assume that after listening to the lyrics that he’s cheated on Tiny and she’s left him. While T.I’s song is a little more on the positive note, Tiny’s a little more negative, with lyrics correlating that another man wants her, and T.I. would be nothing without her.
Check out the videos and tell us what you think.

T.I. Stay

Tiny: [What the F*** You Gon Do?]

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