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by TRN Staff Writers, Netflix has slowly been carving its own niche building the streaming service into more than just a rewind of movies and and other networks’ programming.  The streaming service has been doing what the Atlantic once referred to as “reverse engineering Hollywood” and in the process changing how you look at TV […]
by G. Brown    He was best known as the big brother of superstar Eddie Murphy.  But Charlie Murphy didn’t just follow in his famous brother’s footsteps nor linger in his shadow, he carved out his own path. The comedian who made so many laugh is the reason so many are shedding a tear this […]
Arsenio’s show is on fire! The reboot of his popular 90s late night talk show on the CW has featured some of the guests in Black Hollywood from Eddie Murphy to legend Bill Cosby  and some of the new up-and-coming musical acts. (Must be nice to have all those SUPER famous friends!) In this clip, […]
Everyone loves a funny guy or girl right? The following comedians are the best to ever do it. Trust me, making this list wasn’t easy by any means because we have so much talent out there. Feel free to share your thoughts: Who Makes your Top 10?   10. Patrice O Neal Patrice O’Neal was hilarious. […]
A year after it was ordered to pilot, Craig Robinson’s comedy project, Mr. Robinson, is going to series with a six-episode order. Robinson got his start in stand up comedy and made his way to mainstream stardom from small movie and show roles, most notably his role in the NBC hit The Office. Mr. Robinson […]
A story was released by Rolling Out.com claiming that Paul Mooney is battling prostate cancer and in very bad shape. The article goes on to say that Mooney has been battling stage four prostate cancer for well over a year and now it has taken a visible toll on his body. His mobility is limited […]
The biggest buzz in the world of comedy is the recently announced Maya Rudolph hour-long variety special. Rudolph will make her return to NBC next month with a sketch variety show modeled after classic shows such as the Flip Wilson show. The network has slated her variety show special, titled The Maya Rudolph Show, to […]