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by TRN Staff Writers Say what you will about millennials, but no one can ever accuse them of not having a sense of humor. Generations X,Y & Z have gotten the most use out of viral videos by introducing us to some of the funniest compilations with their #Challenges. Honestly, we thought they couldn’t top […]
by TRN Writers Legend says Trump played Kanye  Kanye’s strange meeting with president-elect Donald Trump is still drawing some heated reactions. Perhaps among the harshest criticisms from friend and fellow entertainer John Legend.  In a recent interview with Clique.tv, the singer songwriter called Kanye’s meeting with Trump a “publicity stunt” and said that he was […]
by G. Brown It always starts as a trickle and next thing you know Black celebs will be flooding the entrance to Trump tower to kiss the ring of the president elect.  TRN told you yesterday in our story “Rick Ross Says Yeezy, Played Y’all Ni***s as Kanye Meets with Trump”  about Kanye West flying […]
by G. Brown Exactly two weeks since Donald Trump was chosen president-elect and the emerging pictures of how he plans to “Make America Great Again” are not looking so promising.  Especially in Mississippi where this billboard popped up along Highway 80. The billboard sends a message that is clear to some…mixed to others and has […]
by G. Brown The second in the series of presidential debates promised to be more of the same old views  on talking policy for one or two topics like healthcare, economics and ISIS. We got a bit more information on policy plans from the candidates…well candidate because Hillary Clinton actually has platforms unlike Donald Trump […]