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by G. Brown Some things just go together…peanut butter & jelly, socks & shoes, Ashford and Simpson.  Some things simply don’t go together—peanut butter & sardines, knife and spoon, Blacks and the NRA.  That last coupling was just inserted as a jump off get in to the topic…do Black people join, like, care about or […]
by TRN Staff Writers, Everybody loves hip hop, right? WRONG! Apparently not when it comes to gymnastics. 21-year old Aja Sims’ decided to spice things up a bit by deviating from the basic and very traditional (yawn) plié and tendu.  In most competitions, gymnasts only have about 90 seconds to cram all the tumbling and […]
by G. Brown Sage Steele might be well known to sports, but now she might be known to non-sports fans as well since the Black ESPN anchor/reporter has been embroiled in a pretty bitter social media beef with the Black community. How did Steele become one of the most hated among Blacks? It started a […]
by G. Brown When Black victims became routine target practice for police around the country, Black Lives Matter (BLM) was born out of that despair and with it a conservative response that totally misses or dismisses the conversation by asserting that all lives matter. As the two sides argued who’s right and who’s wrong, another […]
By: Evette Champion Mark Zuckerberg is taking a stand after employees crossed out “Black Lives Matter” and instead wrote “All Lives Matter” on the company’s wall in Menlo Park, California. Facebook is investigating the racially charged incident where the slogan for the movement has been defaced. Zuckerberg, whose company is made up of only 2% […]