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by Ms. Black Hollywood Ask any Beyhive member and they will emphatically proclaim Beyoncé as a Goddess endowed with celestial qualities of beauty, grace and power.  Apparently, a company that’s turned the “Formation” singer into a Christmas tree ornament agrees and salutes Beyoncé and two other iconic women this holiday season. The not-for-profit Women to Look […]
by G. Brown The second in the series of presidential debates promised to be more of the same old views  on talking policy for one or two topics like healthcare, economics and ISIS. We got a bit more information on policy plans from the candidates…well candidate because Hillary Clinton actually has platforms unlike Donald Trump […]
by G. Brown It’s as much a presidential candidate practice as visiting a Black church during the campaign or kissing babies at a political stump— the Democratic presidential nominee addressing the National Association of Black Journalists Convention (NABJ) to talk to and field questions from minorities members in the media. This year’s convention  in Washington […]
by G. Brown Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson had his turn at bat at the RNC and with Donald Trump now the party’s confirmed candidate, he wasted no time in going after the enemy—Democratic contender Hillary Clinton. While lightweights may throw mild punches about her private email conspiracies and  her flip-flops on racial injustices […]
By: Evette Champion Who are you voting for in November? The candidates are dwindling down and the three most popular candidates,  Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and everyone’s favorite, Donald Trump are scooping up some surprising celebrity supporters. Here’s some of the most “oh… Really?” celebrity endorsements: Hillary Clinton: Will Ferrell is backing Hillary Clinton, although […]