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by TRN Staff Writers, Everybody loves hip hop, right? WRONG! Apparently not when it comes to gymnastics. 21-year old Aja Sims’ decided to spice things up a bit by deviating from the basic and very traditional (yawn) plié and tendu.  In most competitions, gymnasts only have about 90 seconds to cram all the tumbling and […]
By: Evette Champion Throughout the entertainment industry, it feels like in order to make it big, you have to get your big break pretty early on. From the 1980s and up, there’ve been numerous rappers who have gotten started in game at a pretty young age. Here’s just a very short list of rappers who […]
By: Evette Champion Have you ever heard of Krudas Cubensi? They are a lesbian Cuban hip-hop group that consists of Olivia Prendes and Odaymara Cuesta and they are using their music to educate people about the LGBT community. “Cuba is a very misogynistic country and it’s hard to be a lesbian or queer person here,” […]
The Queen of New York City radio has finally broken her silence. Angie Martinez or “The Voice of New York” announced earlier this month that she was leaving her radio home of 25 years, Hip-Hop station, Hot 97. Martinez, has interviewed just about every great rapper, producer, and journalist in the music industry. Martinez starred […]