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By: Evette Chamion If you are a Good Times fan, you can get all excited because it appears that there is going to be a feature film based off of the 1970s hit sitcom. Now, we aren’t talking about the film that is in development by Sony Pictures and is being produced by Scott Rudin. […]
Ladies- this movie is for you! Remember the buzz over the movie Magic Mike a couple of years ago? The male stripper movie featured some of Hollywood’s hottest A list actors including Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum. A new Magic Mike” should be hitting theaters soon and it will feature an all black male cast.  Michael […]
With black Hollywood seemingly on the decline in terms of directing and funding, one Black Hollywood actor is planning to bring one of history’s most important stories to the big screen. Actor Nate Parker (Non-Stop / The Great Debaters) has accepted the challenge of a much talked about Nat Turner movie. “One of my biggest […]
Another slave-themed movie is on the way. Fifteen-year-old Jaden Smith is slated to play the role of a young cross-dressing slave who becomes a freedom fighter. In the upcoming flick The Good Lord Bird, which is the adaptation of the 2013 National Book Award winner by James McBridea, Jaden will play “a young slave who links up with radical abolitionist […]
There’s no doubt that you’ll know all these actors on the list – but did you know these interesting facts about some of Hollywood’s elite? 1. Most of us might know Diahann Carroll from her role on the hit show Dynasty – but did you know she was the first African American woman to star […]