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by G. Brown Walmart may want to rethink its slogan “Live Better” after making life miserable for a huge portion of its customers.   Twitter lit up when someone posted a picture of the weaving  net for hair extensions ad.  The slur “N*gger Brown” was listed in the headline for the product and in the […]
by TRN Staff Writer When it rains lawsuits…it pours.  And FOX News is going to need a bigger umbrella. First the allegations and alleged subsequent settlements after years of female employees claiming sexual harassment by former News Chief Roger Ailes and former “O’Reilly Factor” anchor Bill O’Reilly. Now, a new class action lawsuit has been […]
by G. Brown It was a long shot that failed.  A few faithful were holding out hope that faithless electors would right an election wrong and flip the presidency.  Their hopes quickly diminished as the state-by-state votes rolled in on Monday December 19th and affirmed that Donald Trump was still the winner and will serve […]
by G. Brown A New York firefighter is facing arson charges after allegedly setting his own home on fire and then tried to frame Black Lives Matter as being behind the blaze. Fire fighter Jason Stokes initially told investigators that his Endicott home was targeted because of the “Blue Lives Matter” flag that he had […]
by G. Brown A Black church in Mississippi was destroyed in a fire and the vandals left a message behind that seemed more of a threat–“Vote Trump”. The flames pretty much destroyed the sanctuary of the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church.  The hate crime at the historically Black church has left the community of Greenville, Mississippi […]
By Leticia Latrice: Even if you are a star you are still judged by the color of your skin. Tuesday night while attempting to purchase $400 worth of gift cards, Zendaya was refused service. The clerk told her she couldn’t afford the gift cards and actually threw Zendaya’s wallet back at her. When some of […]