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by TRN Staff Writers Times are confusing…Trump is President, White superiority thinks it reigns again and FOX got rid of Stacey Dash or as Allegedly Called at FOX News “The Black Girl” . The “Clueless” star has spouted her right-wing commentary for FOX News since 2014.  It’s that same political commentary  that often meant condemning her […]
by TRN Staff Writers   Harvey Healing from Fan Third Degree Burns  The Good News-Steve Harvey’s social media is no longer trending. The bad news, that doesn’t mean fans have necessarily forgotten or forgiven him.  Harvey admitted he was “hurt” after the social media skewering from fans angry over his meeting last week with president-elect […]
By Dana C. Ayres It takes crazy to know crazy…it takes just as much to create the same level of madness in another person that one would possess within themselves. Earlier this week, George Zimmerman was provoked into an online tirade after someone tweeted him, “It’s slap an idiot Wednesday.” Well, true to form, he […]
For several years the Stockton Police Department has been posting booking photos of their daily catches on their social media pages, but they never expected one of their photos to go viral. Thirty year old Jeremy Meeks has the internet in a frenzy. He gained overnight popularity due to his striking blue eyes, perfect bone […]
I know the power of Social Media. Recently I have encountered the term “Black Twitter”. I recall a tweet wondering how Black Twitter would react to some event. It’s even got its own hashtag #BlackTwitter. I’ve been on Twitter long enough that I can often tell when “Black Twitter” is posting, even if it is […]