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Talk Show Host Says More Whites Die From Police Brutality Than Blacks?




In the midst of all of the commotion going on in the black community, you had better believe that there would be commentary and opinions from both ends of the spectrum.

While the African American community has been voicing their opinions for years upon years about our struggle with police brutality and the suggested reasons behind it, the white community has also added their two cents about the whole situation.

One talk show host in particular, Michael Medved from the Michael Medved Show, posted a statement on the web saying that “more whites than blacks are victims of deadly police shootings.”

I know it sounds crazy, but Medved had a point. The only thing about his “point”, though, was that it was only slightly true.

This country is about 63 percent white and 12 percent black, and the possibility that an African American person will be killed during a run-in with the police is still higher than whites. The only thing is that there are less of us.

Of course more whites have died than African Americans simply because there are more of them, but can their “death by legal intervention” be compared to the oppression that the black community has been experiencing?

Legal intervention refers to any given time that a person dies at the hands of someone who has been authorized to use deadly force on duty if necessary.

While more whites die from deadly police shootings, black people are at more of a risk because of aspects such as felonies and poverty rates. Being black alone puts us at risk when we encounter police because history—past and present—is showing us that our bodies are not valued here.

While the police often confront white people and black people alike, black people are more than three times likely to die from that same confrontation.

It seems as if Mr. Medved’s argument was a little one-sided and half-accurate.

What do you guys think?

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