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Talked About, Mistreated and Still the Classiest Woman in the Room- Michelle Obama’s Legacy

Talked About, Mistreated and Still the Classiest Woman in the Room- Michelle Obama’s Legacy


by TRN Staff,

With less than 2 days left for the 44th President’s term in office, like many Americans we here at TRN are getting a little nostalgic.  Hard to believe that it was eight years ago that most of  first heard the name Barack Obama, not mention his wife Michelle. But the couple has risen from near anonymity to global recognition.  That’s to be expected when you’re President of a super power nation, but not a guarantee often for the First Lady.  Seriously, can you remember the names of John Quincy Adams’ wife? How about Andrew Jackson’s wife?(BTW they were  Louisa Catherine and Rachel respectively).

So for Michelle Obama to leave the White House more popular according to the polls than her husband–who also ranks pretty high in popularity—is not only impressive, but history making.

The 53-year old First Lady is loved by millions, but not by all.  Just wander over to YouTube and you can find plenty of  tin-foil theories that slanderously swear she is a transgender and that blurting out that secret on camera caused the Illuminati to off Joan Rivers. (I honestly did not make that up—google it!) We’ve seen countless racist driven social media posts calling her unattractive and comparing her looks to a monkey or ape–even Raven Symone(remember her) agreed that the First Lady looks like a monkey.  Through it all, Michelle Obama maintained her composure, grace and wits by living the Obama motto, “When they go low, we go high”.

It’s such class and wisdom that has made Mrs. Obama one of the most popular First Lady’s to ever grace the White House.  Her work towards education, nutrition, health, fitness and encouraging young girls to live up to their dreams and potential, helped her land the #13 spot on Forbes list of Power women last year and the #10 spot the year before.

While many Blacks criticized her husband for not doing enough to help Black Americans, Michelle never shied away from the truth about being Black in America

Unlike cookie-cutter, Stepford First Ladies before her, Michelle was never afraid to let her hair down and get down to “Uptown Funk” with a bunch of young people or out rap Missy Elliott during an episode of car-pool karaoke on James Corden’s late night show.

Do you seriously think we’ll ever get a power couple unafraid to fist bump one another in the White House?(ahhhh, the good ole days). It was this genuineness that made her so refreshingly relatable not just to Black women, but women of all colors. All that lies before us is uncertainty about what a Trump administration will mean and how the next First Lady will handle her responsibilities.  But there are two things of which we can be certain–First Lady Michelle Obama  is a tough act to follow…and she will be missed.

Here’s a video look back at the Legacy of First Lady Michelle Obama…


  1. Classy and educated, you got to love the fact that when the White trash went low, this lady went high! I have a lot of respect for Michelle, we need more women like her in the Black community! Float on Michelle, the world is yours to have.

  2. I am offended by the name calling. I am offended because it is not necessary to throw names out of people that you do not personally know but are making nasty comments about.
    I do feel that First Lady Michelle Obama is one classy lady and I admire her but, if you feel so strong about what she is about go high and do not go low.
    I have heard the comments and am ashamed of people that had to do what they did because she has color on her skin which is truly beautiful. She, Michelle Obama is beautiful inside and out. That family will be missed.

  3. Black men please listen to me, ignore all of the sluts, hookers and hood rats. Use the head between your shoulders and stay away from dumb ass hoes like Stacey Dash, Claudia Jordan, Whitney Taber, Kenya Moore and Amber Rose.
    Start a strong black family and marry a black woman like Michelle Obama. These type of intelligent , regal, gorgeous black women can be found at Princeton, Howard, Hampton and Spelman. Brothers I wish all of you good luck. #BlackOnBlackLove

  4. Attention all black men; if you want to secure your legacy, if you want to make your mother cry tears of joy, if you want your children to become geniuses, marry a black woman like Michelle Obama.


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