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Tatyana Ali Refuses To Ask Will Smith For The Hook Up




Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Tatyana Ali pays a visit to Hot 97 Morning Show and shares with us a little bit about what’s going on in her busy life.

Little Ashley has come a long way since the hit TV show starring Will Smith.  While she still remains friends with Will Smith along with the other cast members, the relationship between Ali and Smith is close, but a little different.  Despite the history between the two, Ali is not interested in asking for handouts.

One would think that if you had Will Smith in your back pocket, you would utilize him to further your success in your career.  With Ali, not so much.  Radio host Ebro asks Ali why we don’t see her in more Will Smith productions; her answer certifies that she has no problem producing on her own.

“I’ve actually produced a lot and so I’ve produced television and web stuff,” Ali responds, “and Will’s been a mentor in that sense.”

Ebro hits the nail on the head when he then asks, “Is it one of those relationships when where you feel like you want to say, ‘Yo, Will hook it up?’ Like you feel like you want to move out on your own?”

Ali responds, “You know what’s weird I guess so! I’ve never asked him to hook me up acting wise.  I’ve always asked him to hook my up business wise and more so like advice. A lot the stuff me and my sister have produced we’ll do independently and then license it or whatever. Because we’re always trying to prove that the idea’s going to work.

“Often times he is the first person I’ll take something to and be like ‘what do you think?’ Not even asking for help.  ‘Do you think this is valuable?’”

Maybe her little sister/cousin syndrome is what has helped her go as far as she has in life.  Honestly, we can’t be mad at her for that.

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