Home Education #TeacherBae: This Teacher of the Month is Getting a Lot of Hate For Being too Sexy
#TeacherBae: This Teacher of the Month is Getting a Lot of Hate For Being too Sexy

#TeacherBae: This Teacher of the Month is Getting a Lot of Hate For Being too Sexy


by G. Brown

Back in the day, female teachers seemed a bit more matronly…like grandma complete with blue hair, thick glasses and no sense of humor.  Times change fortunately and these days teachers may look more like 4th grade teacher Paris Monroe.  The young lady’s looks is the topic of conversation because some think her attractiveness is too inappropriate for the classroom.

Monroe is blessed–or cursed in this instance—to have a body that most women would kill for.  When you put those curves in a bodycon dress, you get a collision with some who think her appearance is too provocative:


Monroe is a bit baffled by the hate.  She said recently in an interview with Daily Dot, “I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters—which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them.”  Monroe went on to point out that she was recently named teacher of the month, but no one is talking about that instead, they want to talk about her figure and physical appearance.

Some supporters, who just happen to be men, agree with Monroe and they make some pretty valid arguments about the real problem here.


Not too long ago another male teacher made headlines because he was praised for being attractive and older.  He dressed in a style befitting a man half his age, but he wore it well and was celebrated on the internet.  Monroe is doing nothing wrong, but everything right judging from her award as teacher of the month—so why is she condemned for virtually the same thing another male teacher was praised for?

Look, people are unfortunately judged and hated everyday for everything from skin color to religious beliefs to political party preference.  Do we really need to waste time creating more categories of hate because a woman is “too sexy” for school?  Sure she could buy the dress in a bigger size, but it’s still going to hug her curves and she shouldn’t apologize for what her mama gave her when plenty of women (cough, cough, Kardasians) are paying to look like this. So long as she isn’t wearing mid-drift cut outs or pants showing a camel toe, let her do her job and be the #teacherbae that she is.