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Texas Police Kill Unarmed 15 Year Old: Are We Too Distracted by Trump News Instead of Real News?



by G. Brown

There are many ways to describe the life of  15 year old Jordan Edwards…he was a freshman at Mesquite High School in Texas; He was a straight “A” student; He was popular-just about everybody liked him it seems.  But the most important thing to know about Jordan Edwards is that he won’t be going to prom; he won’t be graduating high school; he won’t be turning 16.  Jordan was shot and killed when a police officer opened fire on the car the teen was riding in Saturday.

   Why? We still don’t know exactly because police aren’t giving us all the details about  the shooting.  We don’t even know the name of the police officer who pulled the trigger and killed the teen who had never been in trouble with the law.   Police have only confirmed that Jordan was among a few dozen teens who were, in their words, “fleeing” a party after gunshots or some kind of disturbance broke out.  An attorney for Jordan’s family says, “All the kids began to disperse and head back to their respective cars.. As they were walking to their cars, they heard shots. No one knows where the shots came from.”  Someone did call the Balch Springs Police Department complaining of a “potential gunshot“. Jordan and three other kids jumped into the car his 16-year old brother was driving.  Attorney Lee Merritt says, “As they backed out of a parking space, they heard someone shouting profanities at them…before they had a chance to respond, the person shouting at them shot three shots into the vehicle and one of the three rounds went into Jordan Edwards’ forehead.”

The officer claims the car Jordan was in began backing down the road towards  him in what police call an “aggressive manner“—implying that the car was driving fast or maybe aiming for the officer.   But that’s the officer’s version…witness tell a different story about what happened and so does what little evidence we’ve heard at this point.  The officer claims the car was “backing aggressively towards him” which sounds as if he would have been behind the car.  But Merritt, the Jordan Edwards family attorney says the bullet that struck Jordan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, in the head as it “came through the front passenger side window.”

The kids drove off in a panic and didn’t stop until they were a block away when the driver realized his brother Jordan had been shot.  The kids jumped out and tried to flag down police officers who were driving by, but they say none of the officers stopped.  When more officers came along and did stop, they called for emergency medical assistance, but it was already too late to save Jordan.

It seems the country has become so consumed with the dangers of Russian hacking, the looming possibility of a military conflict with North Korean and all the other problems trailing the new administration that we forgot the most pressing dangers that still exist in our own backyards between the Black community and police.  But like much else that headlines the daily MSM(mainstream media) news, we were distracted.  According to Newsone, “Donald Trump’s first month in office ended with at least 105 people killed by police, the highest number of people killed by U.S. police in any one month since 2015.”  So Jordan isn’t the first ‘suspicious” police shooting since Trump took office, it just seems that the media no longer reports as frequently on cases like Jordan’s and that of Elijah Smith–a 25 year old who was having a mental health crisis.  When the Smith family called police, they came and shot him.   Just like they shot and killed Jahlire Nicholson who was in his own home and reportedly holding a screwdriver when police shot him.

When President Obama was in office, it seems the MSM made every police shooting a lead story as if to drive home the narrative that all the racial unrest was due to having a Black president.  But 2017 has been just as deadly at the hands of police and the stories get buried behind the B.S. that the powers that be want you to believe are more important. The U.S still engaging in a war of words and pissing contest with North Korea is page 6 news at this point. An unarmed Black child being shot by police is something every one should know and be concerned about.

What do you think….has the MSM backed off its once rabid reporting of police killing people?  Are Americans being told the news or told what the powers that be want us to know?

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