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That Moment When You Realize “Uh-Oh”:  TRN’s Top 3 Memorable Moments of Oscars 2017

That Moment When You Realize “Uh-Oh”: TRN’s Top 3 Memorable Moments of Oscars 2017


by G. Brown

Somewhere in the distant future, a Hollywood movie writer will make a movie about all the drama behind the 2017 Oscars and that moment of its biggest screw up.

The 89th Oscar Awards was definitely unforgettable thanks to that regrettable moment when the Best Picture wasn’t actually the Best Picture .

But there was more than just the biggest bungle ever at the awards. Some actors finally got their due


#1 Who Won?  It’s the moment everybody noticed, everybody is talking about and the moment Steve Harvey can say that his Miss Universe Pageant screw up may finally be off the hook for most embarrassing award.  Presenter Warren Beatty will probably catch a lot of blame, but he was the one guy who seemed to realize something was wrong and was looking off stage as if to say “WTF?” Many probably attributed his long pause in announcing the winner to age, but Beatty knew something just wasn’t right.  Then his co-presenter  Faye Dunaway read the name on the card out loud “La La Land”… the cast and crew came up for their awards and speeches. Problem was “La La Land” hadn’t won.  The real “Best Picture” winner was “Moonlight”.  Here’s the entire uncomfortable cringe worthy moment.

#2 “Moonlight” Wins!!! Pretty unbelievable that a Black cast movie took the Oscar for Best Picture.  So unbelievable that the award was initially given to the movie everybody thought was going to win!  “Moonlight” has been a phenomenal hit with critics who called it “mesmerizing”, “beautiful” and “a film of uncommon grace”.  The Barry Jenkins film focuses on the story of Chiron…a gay, Black man who grows up in Miami. “Moonlight” uses Chiron’s memories to weave together a story about the struggle for identity.   Along with finally nabbing the award for Best Picture, “Moonlight” also won Best Adapted Screenplay and Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor.

#3 Viola Davis Best Supporting Actress  “Fences” went into the awards with nominations in just about every major category, but only Davis would walk away with the statue.  Her win also launches her into what Huffington Post calls “the tripe crown of acting” after having won an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony.  Not impressed? Well, Davis is the first Black woman to nail down wins from all three major awards.  Yeah, show some respect…Davis has earned.


We’re sorry that “Hidden Figures” and Denzel Washington went home empty handed, but some seem to think the Best Picture win for “Moonlight” is the dawning of a new era of a more diverse Hollywood.  Host Jimmy Kimmels’s joke about the Oscars not looking so racist compared to the new president.  While that may be true, there’s still room for improvement.

Click here if you want to see a complete list of the winners and nominees for Oscars 2017.


  1. Quote from Dr. Boyce Watkins, “The Oscars are a show in which black actors, actresses and film makers are waiting for these racist people to acknowledge them. Good job boy, here is a treat.”

    Dr. Watkins is one hundred percent correct with that comment.

  2. Five things I have to say:

    1. The Oscars are a celebration of idolatry. The Oscars are not made of gold. Those statues are made from tin.

    2. I believe the best picture scandal was fixed! In hollywood, controversy always sells. The Oscars saw how much publicity and money the Miss Universe Pageant received. The Academy performed the same stunt with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.

    3. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) gave the best picture award to a movie that featured gay men and a crackhead black woman. Brothers and sistas you wanted diversity, this is how hollywood gives you diversity.

    4. Halle Berry wore a afro. Combine this with Halle Berry recently admitting she was part of the reason her three marriages failed. Translation, she wants to get back in good graces with the black community! Halle realizes that white people are done with her. Halle also knows she is fifty and most men (Including myself) no longer see her as a sex symbol. Her only chance to save her dying acting career is to pretend to be down with black empowerment. Halle is not fooling me and you should not let her fool you.

    5. No black man or black woman have never won the Oscar for best director.


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