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Wazzup!-A “Martin” Reboot:Black Hollywood Wrap


by Ms. Black Hollywood

The Sunken Place May Not Be Finished With Us “Get Out” Oscar nominated director Jordan Peele says he will “definitely seriously consider” following up with a sequel to his smash hit “Get Out”.  Peele recently said in interviews that “I love that universe and I feel there is more story to tell.”  The critically acclaimed movie gave audiences a satirical look at racism through the eyes of a young Black man involved in a bi-racial love relationship.  When his girlfriend invites him home to meet the family he learns that he is the next intended victim in a heinous plot to steal his body and use it to transfer White patients who are sick or elderly.   Peele says he doesn’t know what angle he would explore in a sequel but he says “there are some loose ends” that he would like to tie up.

Wazzup- “Martin” Reboot Possible For five glorious years in the ’90s, Gina, Pam and Martin were everything good about sitcom TV.  The show was one of  the then burgeoning FOX Network’s highest rated shows.  It seems all the whispers and rumors about getting the band back together could lead to something like, maybe the “Martin”reboot.  TMZ recently caught up with cast stars  Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin(Gina) and Tichina Arnold (Pam). The trio tried to be coy with Martin Lawrence saying “Never say never” when asked about about a possible TV reunion.  Actress Arnold chimed in with a vague “Within life there’s always new beginnings and there’s always change and there’s always new plateaus, so we’ll see what’s happening,” before Campbell-Martin finally said, “We can’t tell y’all s—”.  Though no one really confirmed it, the possibility of a reunion was enough to get the internet buzzing with hope. If the reboot turns out to be true, the reunion show would be minus one main cast member–actor Tommy Ford who played “Tommy” died two years ago.

The Week Of” is Stressful for Chris Rock But Fun For Audiences  Comedian Chris Rock has tackled tough social issues like racism and drug addiction and still made us laugh.  He hopes to do the same in his upcoming Netflix movie “The Week Of”.  Rock reunites with his “SNL”, “The Longest Yard” and “Grown Ups” co-star Adam Sandler as the fathers of the bride and groom who have to deal with the hectic week leading up to the marriage of their children.  The two men discover that even though there families are about to become one, they couldn’t be more different and find themselves facing a series of calamities as the two men are forced to get along. “The Week Of” will be ready for streaming April 27 on Netflix.  Until then here’s your first look at the official trailer for “The Week Of”.

For this look at Black Hollywood, that’s a wrap!