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The Best Thing About The Oscars Debacle–TWITTER!!!



by TRN Staff Writers,

What’s worse than making the biggest goof in the entire 89 year history of the Academy Awards?  Having millions upon millions witness it and collectively burn you on social media.

When ‘envelope gate’ finally registered with viewers, some were angry wanting heads to roll…others just decided ‘hey, life happens so why not troll Hollywood?’  And you should be glad thousands chose that latter response.

As soon as it was evident that the announced winner”La La Land” wasn’t the winner…the confusion on stage was clearly ammunition for Twitter and social media.

So how could such a gigantic goof happen? Here are  a few of the theories on Twitter and we’ll start with the presenters in the eye of the storm—Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway who also starred together in 1967’s “Bonnie and Clyde”….

And from there, everything from sports to the recent presidential race results were used to lampoon the biggest blunder ever in Oscar history…





















Even  comedian/talk and game show host Steve Harvey had to get in on the laughs.  Harvey could empathize since he previously held the title for the biggest screw up during his hosting duties of the Miss Universe Pageant where he announced the wrong winner.



The blunder wasn’t the fault of the presenters, but it seems PriceWaterhouse Cooper which tabulates the votes handed the actors the wrong envelope with the winner from another category. The mistake was magnified by the length of time it took to cut through the confusion and correct it. Not that there’s a good time for that…but right in the middle of the ‘we can’t believe we won’ speeches was the absolute worst time.  The “La La Land” cast was hauled off stage to make way for the cast of the actual “Best Picture” winner–“Moonlight”.

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