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The Gospel About Church Folk According to Gospel Singer Le’Andria Johnson 



by G. Brown

When the bible talks about speaking things into existence, pretty sure it didn’t mean curse people out and get booted from the line up at the Essence Festival.  That’s what happened when Johnson unleashed a video tirade blasting the church.  Last week Johnson posted  a video a saying she could be as famous as Kirk Franklin, Beyonce and Yolanda Adams if she played “the game” in church.

Here’s Johnson’s tirade uncut…

Johnson also criticized gospel singer and pastor Marvin Winans  who she says “… wanted to go past me like I was a peasant. Walked right past me like I was a peasant …”  Johnson added, “I’mma tell you like this right here on some ni**a sh**…” then takes a long dramatic pause and an even longer pull on a cigarette, blows smoke and concludes by saying, “Love, peace and happiness to those who know the truth and who tired of this Christianity bullsh**...”

The word may spread fast, but not nearly as fast as a few negative words spoken about the church…especially by a gospel singer.  A lot of comments slammed Johnson for not only her language, but her hypocrisy.  One person noted, “So, basically she’s upset because people don’t want her smoking, drinking, and cussing up in their church whilst leading praise and worship.”

In her apology, The “Sunday’s Best” season 3 winner says “frustration” of church politics was behind her tirade, but still owned up to her messy language and said that she “recognized that through my being offended, I have caused offense.”

Johnson’s mouth may have cost her  a spot performing at this year’s Essence Festival, but one new fan was willing to live by the scripture and not cast the first stone against the singer.  That fan said in a post, “Cussing is my biggest flaw, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t love me. You spoke your truth. Don’t recant. I love you and you have gained a true fan.”


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  1. NBA is fixed

    July 13, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    During the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, many of our brothers and sistas were given the Bible and at the same time the white Europeans stole their land and the people.

  2. NBA is fixed

    July 13, 2018 at 9:16 pm

    Most black people are unaware of this, but in the early 2000’s many popular black church leaders (TD Jakes) cashed seven figure checks from President George W. Bush. This was called the Faith Based Initiative (FBI). The black church leaders who were paid by the Bush Administration made a deal to use the church and their leadership to destroy black people. There is no such thing as separation between church and state.

  3. Shawn J.

    July 12, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    No comment, except that at least Le’Andria Johnson has one new fan! And one more thing, “Let he who is without sin” sho’ ’nuff, “cast the first stone!”

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