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“If They Gunned Me Down” Campaign Exposes Racist Propaganda In Ferguson





Things are not looking good for the Ferguson Police Department.

They killed the unarmed 18-year old Mike Brown for no apparent reason that they can explain.  Since, they’ve been trying to cover it up and justify the murder incident.  Despite the fact that they hadn’t revealed the face of cop-killer Darren Wilson until 6 days after the shooting, they didn’t waste a second to show a negative image of Mike Brown holding up the peace sign. They didn’t hesitate to throw in a video footage of a robbery, tagging Brown as a suspect, to distract the public of Darren Wilson.

See, they would rather pin Mike Brown as a bad guy in some way, shape or form to avoid taking accountability for their behavior.  They are attempting to achieve this with a single picture that could be interpreted as negative.

This is propaganda, a tactic that is used to conjure up negative feelings about people, places, and ideas.  It’s the same tactic they used to justify the murders of other teen youth like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.  A same group of people created a campaign called “If They Gunned Me Down.”

twitterc1Ask yourself:  If the police gunned you down with no justified reason, which photo of yours would they use to justify killing you? Which photo would they use to make the public hate you and care even less about your death?  Because apparently, that picture will define you.  That picture will be the reason your life had to end.


Counter these negative ideas with positive pictures of you: Next to your supposedly negative image, put a photo of you graduating, or playing sports, or doing something productive with your life.  Your positive picture is what REALLY defines you.  It defines the REST of you.

Propaganda is the instigator of racism and prejudice.  It is the catalyst of hate and fear.  This campaign is allowing people to come together and show how propaganda is corrupting our concept of human rights.


Mike Brown and the rest of the black youth deaths will be justified.

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