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The Loss of a Gospel Legend: Daryl Coley Dead at 60


By: Leticia Latrice

Daryl Coley one of Gospel’s greats passed away Tuesday at age 60. Coley was a well renowned gospel artist. His popular songs “He’s Preparing Me”, “Beyond the Veil” and “When Sunday Comes” will never be forgotten. Coley expanded his ministry and founded the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Los Angeles, CA. He had an ongoing struggle with diabetes and died peacefully in hospice care in the presence of his wife and family. He has worked with many great gospel artists such as Rev. James Cleveland, also Edward, Tremaine and Walter Hawkins. Many gospel celebrities are celebrating his life and work. Kurt Carr tweets:




Not only has Coley worked with famous gospel artist he had a verse in the Quincy Jones gospel project “Handel’s Messiah: A Soulful Celebration” which starred Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and Patti Austin to name a few. Coley the Berkeley, CA native has made history in the world of gospel and he was nominated for a Grammy. Smokey Norful tweets:


He is truly a gospel legend and Coley will clearly be missed by the gospel community. The Reel Network sends their prayers and condolences to his family and friends.

Here are some of Coley’s popular performances

He’s Preparing Me




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