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Most Talented Hip Hop & R&B Wives




It goes without saying that it takes a special kind of woman to marry a man that works in the music industry. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen an increase of our favorite rappers putting down their tough guy persona and finding love.

But what are the qualifications of being a good wife to a man that has access to any and everything he wants? These next 5 women met all criteria: beauty, confidence, and most importantly, their own success. Did I mention how sexy they all are?

Some you know very well and some you will soon want to get to know.

5: Eudoxie Agnan: Girlfriend of rapper Ludacris


This beauty originally from South Africa met the Atlanta grown star about 5 years ago. Agnan moved to the states to attend medical school at the University of Miami. She has chosen to stand by her man even though Ludacris is in the midst of an ugly custody battle for his daughter he conceived while Agnan and he were on a break. There is no talk of wedding bells, but she recently shared photos on her Instagram of the Fast and Furious star leaving the premiere of Think Like A Man Too. 






4. Nazanin Mandi: Fiance of singer/songwriter Miguel


Nazanin Mandi is a model among other things. The Valencia, CA native started performing at the age of 2, modeling at 10, and at 15 she sang Mozart at Carnegie Hall. The exotic beauty and Miguel have been together for about 8 years (not including the one year they were broken up saying “we don’t count that”). Back in 2012, Miguel finally popped the question with Mandi’s 10kt dream ring. They also have adorable matching tattoos on the inside of their ring fingers of the “infinity” symbol. These two have not yet set a date, but by the looks of things, vows couldn’t make them any closer.



3. Ciara- Fiance of rapper Future

If we know one thing about this Atlanta singer, it’s that she’s got the “goodies”. Those goodies caught the eye of southern rapper, Future. Known for songs like, “Magic”, “Sh!t”, and “Tony Montana.” The two celebs kept their relationship private, but once they knew it was real (and got the matching ink to prove it) they let the world know shortly before they were engaged back in 2013. On May 19, 2014 they welcomed their first child, Future Zahir Wilburn.







2. Alicia Keys- Wife to music producer, Swiss Beatz






This Grammy award winner no longer “sleeps with a broken heart”, she now sleeps with one of the biggest producers in Hip-Hop. The two met several years ago but Beats was in a relationship with his high-school sweetheart. But, after saying “I do” in the Summer of 2010, they welcomed a beautiful baby boy that was recently featured in a fashion show for Ralph Lauren.


1. Beyoncè- wife of rapper/CEO Jay-Z







Well it looks like this “Bonnie and Clyde” remake finally had a happy ending. What other woman can stand independently  next to one of Hip-Hop’s most influential icons than Grammy, BET Award winner, Golden Globe nominee, multi-platinum record selling Beyonce “Queen Bey” herself. She’s definitely not Jay-Z’s 100th problem and more than 7 years in relationship, Jay-Z finally decided he liked it enough to “put a ring on it.” They’re the only couple on the list that collectively have a networth of 1 billion dollars. They are also the only couple that have a favorite number; 4 or IV. (Blue “Ivy”, get it?)

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