Home Entertainment The “N-Word” on Prime Time TV & Nicki Minaj Tops The Queen of Soul: Black Hollywood Wrap Up
The “N-Word” on Prime Time TV & Nicki Minaj Tops The Queen of Soul: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

The “N-Word” on Prime Time TV & Nicki Minaj Tops The Queen of Soul: Black Hollywood Wrap Up


by TRN Staff Writers,

You Can’t Say That on TV! The “N-Word” On NBC Prime Time  NBC is taking a big risk and hoping that audiences will find it funny.  The peacock network’s “The Carmichael Show” is going to go there and air an unedited, full racial slur—not once, not twice, but several times in an upcoming episode this summer. The show’s creator and star Jerrod Carmichael addresses the decision head on saying, ” ‘The N-Word’ is childish…say it! We know what we’re talking about. We’re not speaking to children.”  Co-star Loretta Devine who plays Carmichael’s mom on the sitcom says this isn’t the first time sitcoms have tried to tackle and diffuse racial  timebombs.  She says  70’s comedies like “Sanford and Son” and “All in the Family” dared to use the word pre-“political correctness”.  The show will take the time to issue a disclaimer…running a parental advisory before the episode.  Given the racial tension enveloping the country presently, NBC is definitely venturing into a new depth here that can only go one of two ways—either it will make the network into a hero or a villain.  “The Carmichael Show” returns for its third season on NBC May 31.


Nicki Minaj-Queen of Soul Rap Apparently Minaj had time between throwing jabs in her very public beef with Remy Ma to rack up a new rap record.  According to Billboard records, Minaj has managed to set a new record when it comes to female artists topping the Hot 100 charts.  Billboard reported on Monday that Minaj has scored 76 total chart topping records.  Her new record exceeds that of the previous title holder, none other than the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin who had 73 records that managed to chart on the Hot 100 hits. For the past 40 years, Franklin was the reigning queen who held the spot as the hottest female charting artist.  Minaj jumped on IG to celebrate her new victory saying, “Man, I tell ya… God said he ain’t done showing off yet. Lol. Walked off stage to find out history was made yet again today…” Minaj wanted to not only share the good news with her fans, but she also wanted to thank them for pushing her over the top…“I fkn love u guys more than I’ll ever be able to put in words. Thank u so much for your unwavering love & support. God bless each & every one of you.”

For this week’s look at Black Celebrities, that’s a wrap!




  1. Do not do this. Boycott the Show and do not patronize anything from Jerrod Carmichael. They can use another word for instance Colored. This is as close as you can get to the N- word. When Whites used the word Colored it was to describe and it worked in Anger or in daily conversations.

  2. The N word is not a term of endearment, it’s a term of ignorance, lack of respect and self hatred!

    P.S. Any black man who uses the N word in front of white people needs to be socked in the face with brass knuckles! Unfortunately I have a friend who frequently does this. White people look at him like he is a idiot!

  3. Back in the 1960’s, black men said, “What’s up man.” The word man was used because white people called us “boy.” White owned blaxploitation movies had black celebrities like Rudy Ray Moore, Ron O’Neal and Richard Pryor saying the N word so much, thousands of black men starting calling themselves the N word. Rap music took it to a whole new disgusting level. It has gotten so bad you have mexicans using the n word. This is all apart white supremacy’s sinister plan to destroy black empowerment!

  4. NBA IS FIXED…you are absolutely right cuz it is the face the word “nigger” does come from white supremacy. “Nigger” means stupid and ignorant to all black folk in past n now. Think of another and different stupid name instead of not bringing back any name that are belong to slave or civil war. That’s enough people. We needs to support and wise each other for Africa American people. Let’s all us labeled a better life for our future black children please.

  5. Jerrod Carmichael sounds like a coon! There is nothing childish or funny about the word n***er. Millions of black people were lynched, raped and castrated by white people after they were called n***er. We must remember that Jerrod Carmichael works on the NBC plantation. He must do what the corporate massas tell him to do in order to keep the checks coming! Ladies, stay away from any black man who will help white supremacy destroy black people in exchange for money!


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