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The New Era of Lustre – Nia Long Makes History With Her New Gig!




Everybody loves pleasant surprises! Actress Nia Long is entering her golden age as she becomes ambassador and spokesmodel for Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. She’s calling the new White Diamonds fragrance, “Lustre.”
This makes her the first Black woman in history to become a spokesperson for White Diamonds fragrance.
The 43-year old announced the good news about her brand ambassador role on Instagram writing the caption, “My beauty secret to make sure I always dazzle and shine on the red carpet @ElizabethTaylor White Diamonds Lustre #DiamondsInABottle #Spon.” Elizabeth Taylor could not have chosen a better successor for the thriving “diamonds in a bottle”.
It will take some time getting used to, however. When we think of White Diamonds, we think of elderly white Elizabeth Taylor. And while age will never take away from Taylor’s stunning beauty, passing the torch to an actress as beautiful as Nia Long isn’t exactly taking a loss, either.
We can expect great things from the new Lustre Brand. Long quotes, “Elizabeth Taylor said White Diamonds was her ‘Diamonds in a Bottle,’ and that’s what Lustre really is to me – Lustre just adds that extra sparkle. I personally love the juice pear and raspberry notes in Lustre – it gives a fresh, fruity feminine touch.”
Elizabeth Taylor launched the original White Diamonds fragrance in 1991 and has grossed $1 billion in sales during the last 23 years. It is known as “the most popular celebrity fragrance in the world.”
Long continues with her description of her new fragrance, telling how it “reflects the light of the most precious stone, the diamond, and sparkles with the energy of youth, the vibrancy of a strong personality, and the mystery of what might come next.” She also says it gives off “the fresh side” of the fragrance.
Congratulations, Nia! We’re looking forward to the new era of Lustre.
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