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The #OscarBoycott Drama is Turning Out to Be Better Than The Oscars Themselves!



By: Evette Champion

So if you thought the drama that surrounded the Oscars couldn’t get more… Crazy(?) what with Jada Pinkett-Smith posting a video on Facebook where she said, “Is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence, that we have amassed, that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere?”

Pinkett-Smith’s husband, Will Smith, was snubbed for his role in Concussion, which was surprising to a lot of people because there was a good amount of buzz of possible nominations for that particular role. She continued to say, “Maybe it’s time that we recognize that if we love and respect and acknowledge ourselves in the way in which we are asking others to do,  that is the place of true power.”

Well, in case you hadn’t heard Janet Hubert’s view on the whole thing, she posted a vide on YouTube where she says:

In Hubert’s video, she says:

“First of all, Miss Thing, does your man not have a mouth of his own with which to speak? The second  thing, girlfriend, there’s a lot of sh** going on in the world that you all don’t seem to recognize. People are dying. Our boys are being shot left and right. People are starving. People are trying to pay bills. And you’re talking about some motherf**king actors and Oscars. It just ain’t that deep.”

Oh, she didn’t stop there! She also went on to school Jada about asking other black actors and actresses to join her and her family in the boycott by saying:

“And here’s the other thing, for you to ask other actors, and other black actresses and actors, too, to jeopardize their career and their standing in a town that you know damn well you don’t do that. And here’s the other thing — they don’t care. They don’t care! And I find it ironic that somebody who has made their living, and made millions and millions of dollars from the very people you’re talking about boycotting just because you didn’t get a nomination, just because you didn’t win. That is not the way life works, baby.”

In natural back and forth between celebrities, Jada has responded to Aunt Viv… er, Hubert by saying:

“Here’s the deal. This whole Oscar controversy isn’t really about the Oscars. Really, in my plea to ask all communities and people of color to take back our power is so that we can use it in all sectors of our community. And right now, specifically with African-American people, we have some very serious issues that I think we, as people, have to work together on. So I’m hoping that we can find ways to step together in this instead of finding ways to fight each other.”

The video can be seen here on Entertainment Tonight.

Well, if things couldn’t get much more messier than this, Stacey Dash had to through her two cents into the mix and slams Pinkett-Smith too.

We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration. If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you are only awarded if you are black. If it were the other way around we would be up in arms. It’s a double standard. Just like there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. You know, we’re Americans, period. That’s it.

Of course, this lead to Roland Martin, a well-respected journalist, chimes in and slams Dash on Twitter for her lack of fact checking:



















Oh, should we even mention that Stacey appeared on the BET hit show, The Game?

Grab the popcorn, we can only assume that there will be more drama surrounding the Oscars, Pinkett-Smith, Hubert, and whoever else wants to voice out about the damn Oscars.





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