Home Celebrities “The President is a Racist”: Celeb’s Angry Tweets over “Sh*thole” Countries
“The President is a Racist”: Celeb’s Angry Tweets over “Sh*thole” Countries

“The President is a Racist”: Celeb’s Angry Tweets over “Sh*thole” Countries


by G. Brown

Only twelve days in to 2018 and I have to break one of my resolutions not to dwell on the negative and be triggered by the ignorant rants of others.  Well, this is worth falling off the resolution wagon.

Friday’s Twitter feeds look more like Alanta’s I-285 after a multi-car collision during morning rush.  Carnage, crashes and wrecks everywhere as people reacted to Trump’s rant during an Oval Office meeting on DACA and immigrants.  Trump reportedly said we [America] don’t want people coming here from “sh*thole countries” like Africa and Haiti, but people from countries like Norway.

The  comments left politicians, foreign leaders, athletes, you, me–basically the whole world furious.  Since we can’t show all the tweets, TRN will just share how a few of our favorite celebs responded…

By Friday, Trump was rapping that Diddy refrain from Janet Jackson’s “Son of a Gun” remix “It wasn’t me!” Trump denied he made the comment, though several others confirmed he did. Even a bogus proclamation signing for MLK day flanked by some of his favorite house negroes was veneer thin to most.  It was more deflection and subterfuge. Which is why perhaps  one of  the most insightful and on point tweets came from Questlove…

Trump seems to be following his 2017 pattern of heading into the weekend with incendiary, divisive comments as if to force Americans to spend their weekends thinking about him and fuming over his comments and tweets. I refuse. I’d rather take Merlin’s approach of defeating Trump–um Mab by ignoring her. The premise being what you don’t feed into dies.  My new resolution for 2018, I can read or hear his nonsense, say a few choice words under my breath and move on.  This man is not worthy of my thoughts, my time, my life. Or as Anna Navarro tweeted it, “I can’t with this freaking Troglodyte. Just can’t.”