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The Reel Reason We Must Support Independent Films Like ‘Dear White People’




After what feels like years of anticipation, ‘Dear White People’ is finally hitting theaters.

The hilariously witty, informative piece is centered around 4 Black students who attend an Ivy League University. They are constantly having deal with the cultural differences between black and white people. But things don’t go haywire until a group of  white students throw a traditional African American themed party.

Though there is a riot, ‘Dear White People’ is not your typical “Black” movie. It’s a conversation starter and a educational piece. What is perhaps the greatest attribute is that writer and director, Justin Simien has figured out a delicate way to make racial tension amazingly funny. It is something that white and black people can enjoy together. While everyone may be laughing, they are also thinking. Which is creatively, genius.

Most importantly, we are finally going to see Black characters that are intelligent, educated and diverse.

This award winning project first received its acclaim during The Sundance Film Festival in 2014. Taking home an award for U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent. Simien also received the ‘Directors to Watch’ award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. So, there’s something special here for sure.

According to, “Justin Simien is a funny, fresh and current voice with his finger on the Millennials’ pulse,” said Roadside’s Howard Cohen. “His crowd-pleasing Dear White People took Sundance by storm, with its sly and extremely topical satire sparking conversations about our supposed ‘post-racial,’ 21st century America.”

What is refreshing is that the director did not land the “biggest names” to play the roles in this film. The piece is a playground of unknown actors with the exception of Tyler Williams, who played “Chris” on ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ This concept of fresh talent, untapped directors is not embraced in this industry especially in black hollywood. If this project was released by a network executive, or major studio, we would have probably seen the same faces we are accustomed to seeing in every film. If we want to see more of this, we should show our support for independent filmmakers and new talent.

The film is slated for a Friday, Oct. 17, 2014 release in select theaters. It will open up in theaters nationwide on Friday, Oct. 24, 2014.

I cannot wait for this movie to come out.

What about you?





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