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The Rock’s “Baywatch” &Things Look Dark for Idris Elba in “Dark Tower”: TRN’s First Reel Look



by TRN Staff Writers,

Can Idris Elba Survive “The Dark Tower”?  Elba’s latest movie takes us into the supernatural where he is thrown into an epic battle of good vs. evil.  Elba stars opposite Matthew McConaughey in the film adaptation of a Stephen King novel. Elba takes on the heroic role of Roland Deschain who uses his gun-slinging expertise to fight to save Mid-World.  His mercy mission causes him to cross paths with sorcerer Walter Padick(McConaughey) who has his own evil plans to rule the world.   Elba’s biggest battle this summer may be against all the other superheroes (Wonder Woman, Spider Man, Guardians of the Galaxy) also landing on the big screen over the next few months.  Still, the English actor has proven his box office appeal with leads like “Daddy’s Little Girls”, 2012’s “Ghost Rider”, “No Good Deed” and his re-occurring role as Heimdall  in the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe films like “Thor” and “The Avengers” franchises.  Some critics are already panning “The Dark Tower” as just another film heavy on special effects that make the movie everything but special.  The film opens in theaters nationwide August 4.  Here’s your first reel look at “The Dark Tower”.

Wesley Snipes Can’t Forget the Horror Hunting Him in “The Recall”  Snipes new movie “The Recall” can literally pitch itself as the summer’s biggest movie thanks to the adaptation of Barco Escape innovation which utilizes extra sideboard screens to create an extra sense of depth to enhance your cinematic experience.  Snipes stars in the role of “The Hunter”– a stranger who comes across five friends on vacation in a remote lake house–what could go wrong, right?  The hunter comes off as crazy until the group of vacationers realize  all his tales about invading alien forces are all too true. The weekend to escape turns in to trying to escape with their lives. The last time we saw Snipes on the big screen was two years ago in Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq”.  The 54 year-old’s new movie hits theaters Barco Escape theaters June 2 and will be released in 2D format on June 16th.  Here’s your first reel look at Snipes in “The Recall”.

The Rock is Everybody’s “Bay Watch” Bae   In one of those rare reverses where the big screen adapts a TV show into a feature film, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in this totally less than serious film about beautiful people with perfect bodies running up and down the beach.  Johnson stars as Mitch Buchanan who is a god among beach worshipers, but takes his job as a lifeguard seriously and is totally devoted to it.   The movie relies on The Rock’s comedic timing (ok, and his perfect pecs too!)and teams him up with Zac Efron as the new recruit.  The two uncover a criminal conspiracy that threatens the future of the Bay. The movie is set to hit theaters just in time for the summer heatwave in July.  Here’s your first reel look at The Rock in “Baywatch”…


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