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For decades, I’ve heard my older friends and relatives continuously use the phrase  “Black don’t crack” when referring to how graceful the aging process is for most African Americans.

I’ve always thought it was so cliché until I began to notice there was indeed truth to the theory. When I observed the aging process for the lighter, chalkier, pearly shades it seemed to happen a lot faster than darker more tanned skin.

There are many beautiful black celebrities like Stacy Dash, Angela Basset, Lisa Raye, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Pharrell and Lorenz Tate who may be pushing 50 years old but look as if they have been drinking from the fountain of youth. They may have the money to take care of their appearances but the beauty is not in the facials; there is science in the cells.

The color comes from high amounts of melanin, which is formed in the bottom layer of the skin. Since African Americans are darker and the skin tends to be thicker, it is harder for the sun to penetrate the skin; making it harder for us to sunburn.

African Americans also have a high cell turnover rate. This means their cells are constantly recreating and where there is young vibrant cells, there is unwavering beauty.

The aging process happens when the skin is not reproducing at a rapid rate. The maturing skin becomes lifeless and dead and wrinkles because it lacks collagen and elastin. Fortunately, our darker shade is the key ingredient for maintaing lasting beauty.





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