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The Story Behind Bad Boy Records & Black Fraternity Hazing: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

The Story Behind Bad Boy Records & Black Fraternity Hazing: Black Hollywood Wrap Up


by TRN Writers

  “The Saga Continues “for Diddy with New Documentary Sean “P Diddy” Combs has a new documentary that he will be debuting at next month’s 16th Annual Tribeca Film  Festival. The doc titled “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Bad Boy Story” is the look behind the fame at how Bad Boy Entertainment climbed to the top of the music industry. Diddy promises the doc will bring the the full, raw story of the label including the life of rapper Biggie Smalls.  Combs founded the Bad Boy label in 1993 and launched his debut rap album “No Way Out” which reached platinum status.   Along with his own successful rap career, Diddy would go on to ink deals with Faith Evans and Father MC while his Hitmen production team cranked out hits with Mary J. Blige, Usher, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. The Combs documentary will be among 98 feature length titles showcased at Tribeca including 12 documentaries, 10 US narratives, 15 fiction films and 16 non-fiction.

“Burning Sands” Spills the Secrets of Black Fraternity & Sorority Hazing  The film that premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival is described by Shadowandact.com as an “emotionally honest and raw look into the world of 21st century fraternity pledging.” The film centers around Zurich who after witnessing the violence of underground hazing is torn about whether to remain silent or speak up for what is right. Trevor Jackson stars as Zurich and is joined in the cast by Alfre Woodard, Steve Harris and Trevante Rhodes. “Burning Sands” premieres on Netflix March 10th.




Inked The Deal-Hill Harper, Richard T. Jones   Tis the season to find new TV pilots for the 2017-18 TV season and sign on new blood for some already established shows.  Hill Harper will be back on the small screen appearing as a regular in ABC’s “The Good Doctor”.  Hill will join the cast in the role of Dr. Horace Andrews who heads the surgery division at San Jose’s St. Bonaventure Hospital where one of the most talented surgeons on staff is a doctor with autism.


Richard T. Jones has landed a lead role in the pilot for the CBS drama “Wisdom of the Crowd”. The story centers around a tech innovator (Jeremy Pivens) who hunts down his daughter’s murderer by creating a cutting-edge crowd sourcing site.  Jones as Detective Cavanaugh is recruited by Pivens’ character help solve this murder and other cases.

For this week’s look at Black Hollywood, that’s a wrap.




  1. I have to say I’m a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I am an Attorney and the Alphas do a tremendous amount of work in the community educating and empowering others. I’m not gay and not every member of a fraternity is gay. If a person chooses to be gay, straghit or bi-sexual that is their “personal” decision and not one mandated by the fraternity. Please do not make a blanket assertion about any organization. God Bless

    1. It is some gay shit Dee! I know several black men who are frat boys. Most of the frat boys I know are members of the Divine Nine. They had to do all of the disgusting things I mentioned. If anybody thinks I’m lying, watch the Omega Psi Phi (Q Dogs) bare butt video on Youtube.

  2. Breaking news, Ciara was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles. She is not injured. She is doing okay. She was making a left turn on Wilshire in the West LA neighborhood and struck another car.

  3. Black men here are the five most popular fraternity hazing rituals:

    1. The wood: Being spanked HARD with a thick wooden paddle

    2. Line or the line: Choose between snorting a line of cocaine (On camera) or having a group of frat brothers get in line to hit you in the face with a closed fist (On camera).

    3. Everclear: Contest among the pledges to see who can drink the most shots of 151 proof alcohol.

    4. Elephant walk: Frat pledges must strip butt naked and walk around in a circle holding each others penises.

    5. Branding: A large piece of iron with the frat symbol is held to a fire for a long period of time. The iron is branded onto the pledge’s skin; similar to slave owners branding their slaves. The Omega Psi Phi (Q-Dogs) fraternity is popular for performing this hazing ritual.

    Black men ask yourself, do you still want to join a fraternity?

    1. No way! Absolutely not! If you ask me, NBA IS FIXED, this frat hazing is a sick ritual! I’d rather sit on a cactus than join a fraternity

  4. Attention all black men who are thinking about joining a fraternity. Go to Youtube and watch the Omega Psi Phi bare butt video. Then watch the Omega Psi Phi branding video and the chain wearing video. If you still want to join a fraternity, that’s on you.

  5. Attention all black women who are thinking about joining a sorority. In 2002, two black women in Los Angeles attempted to join the sorority called Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA). These black women endured a hazing ritual that involved them being tied up, blind folded and forced to walk to the beach. Both women drowned. No sorority member from AKA was arrested. The AKA sorority covered up the crime. Think about what happened to these two young black women before you decide to join a sorority. #Hazing #Humiliation #PossibleDeath


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