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The Truth About Sunscreen And Black People




The sun can be very dangerous, even for dark skin tones. Excessive sun exposure can cause severe burns and even cancer. Wearing SPF daily can be a savior but here are some tips and information that you need to know to ensure  proper protection from the sun.

SPF simply means sun protection factor, and the attached number gives you an idea on how protected your skin will be. Many people do not consider the level of SPF they purchase. But, the truth is that lower the SPF, the higher percentage of sun rays reach your skin. For example, SPF 15 allows about seven percent to reach your skin whereas SPF 50 only allows two percent.

Even when you wear sunscreen you still want to avoid direct sunlight. The sun is a very powerful thing and you want to make sure you are as protected as possible. Wearing sunglasses and hats are some ways you can promote extra protection.

If you are out in direct sunlight, you should be reapplying every two hours even if the sunscreen is waterproof. Most waterproof sunscreens only guarantee waterproofing for up to 80 minutes, so you want to be sure you are protected at all times. Applying two coats of sunscreen is ideal. Just like when you paint, the first coat always misses a few spots, the same applies to ensure maximum protection.

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