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There’s an App for that!: Five Fun Apps to Upgrade Your Black History Knowledge




African Americans have continued to accomplish a lot over the years and open doors for others who want to become successful. Unfortunately, there are many people who aren’t familiar with the victories of those who have struggled in the past to make something of themselves. You can read a few books or take a course on black history, but there is another way you can learn about the past while having a bit of fun.

Instead of playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush, check out these five apps to help you brush up on your black history and keep you up to date on the history that’s being made.

  • Black Inventors Match Game: Myles and Ayesha work to earn patents for items, such a the traffic light and doorknob, by learning about African American inventors. Available for both Android and iPhone users.
  • Then and Now Series: Black History: Educate yourself on different cultures with the Then and Now Series: Black History. You can learn about 100 different people through their biographies, and images and links. Available to iPhone users.
  • More Than a Mapp: Learn about historically significant locations in your town with the More Than a Mapp app. By setting your location, you’ll be able to learn about spefici locations near you and their significance to black history. You can even submit locations. Available for Android and iPhone users.
  • Black History Quiz: Do you know when Rosa Parks was born? This app allows you to test your knowledge of black history by asking you multiple choice questions. The great thing about this app is that you can’t move to the next question until you answer the one you’re on correctly. Available for Android users and through the Amazon App Store.
  • The Root: Get the opinions of African American writers with The Root. The app is a news source that allows you to read news, tune in to podcasts and view slideshows. Available for Android and iPhone users.
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