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They’re Calling Her Black Trash!  Please Leave Malia Obama Alone

They’re Calling Her Black Trash! Please Leave Malia Obama Alone


by G. Brown


Malia Obama should be carefree and enjoying her college years.  The only concerns she should have is keeping up her grades, staying up on trends and partying like a teenager.  But instead, she’s being hounded and belittled for being the daughter of former President Obama.

According to an article from news site Eurweb, “Unfortunately things have gotten out of hand as far Trump lovers and Obama haters are concerned as they’ve turned their focus on 19-year-old Malia Obama, the former presidents eldest daughter.”   The article continued saying, ” On Thanksgiving, conservatives blasted Miss Obama for having the audacity to date a man. Obama is dating her Harvard boyfriend Rory Farquharson, the son of a British investment manager, and the couple was seen (gasp) kissing. On Friday, reports from outlets like the far-right website The Daily Caller, published an ‘article’ to reveal that Malia (however, the author misspelled her name as ‘Melia’) was blowing smoke rings, as the commenters under the post clutched their faux pearl necklaces.

And one person under the cowardly name of “Deplorable Boss” posted this on Twitter…

He actually referred to a young lady smart enough to get into Harvard  as “Black Trash”.
Twitter users were appalled, angered and came to Malia’s defense…

Few of us can know what it’s like to grow up in the White House and then try to live a normal life as a young adult outside of the White House, but still very much in the public’s eye.  Former President Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea does know and she is speaking up for Malia.

Even Trump’s daughter Ivanka tweeted, “Malia Obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school aged peers. She is a young adult and private citizen, and should be OFF limits.”

Malia should be “off limits”, but even if she weren’t, what exactly did she do that warrants calling her(or anybody for that matter) “black trash”?  Smoking cigarettes makes you black trash…but how many Black and White senators and members of congress have we seen still smoking?  Kissing her boyfriend makes her trash? Yet millions of adoring fans celebrate and impatiently await the birth of 20 year old, unmarried Kylie Jenner’s of the Kardasian klan first baby with rapper of the month, but nobody is calling her trash.  The people trying to embarrass and harass Malia are doing so because of her two crimes–being Black and being the daughter of the first Black president.  He’s not in office anymore and these trolls are still sitting around living in the past.

College years should be fun and filled with parties, gossip and getting to know new people.  It’s the chance to take a few risks and make mistakes on your way to becoming a responsible adult.  Apparently, that’s a lesson many of Malia’s hypocritical critics didn’t learn in college or in life.

What do you think…is Malia wilding out? Or is she a normal 19 year old doing nornal things the average college student does?