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Thin Line between Love and Hate: Why Does it Happen to So Many Celeb Couples?




by Kristina Byas

We all know the famous saying “Hell hath no fury like woman scorned.” But what is it exactly that has turned some women from loving, faithful companions to angry, bitter exes?

From Chris Brown and Rihanna to Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Michelle Ghent, everyone has seen multiple relationships between celebrities fall apart and have wondered how two people can go from being so in love to hating each other’s guts.

There are many reasons why a relationship or marriage ends: someone is unfaithful, someone isn’t happy, or in Chris Rock’s case, someone was just tired of being married. The reasons don’t always make sense, but the fact is someone wants out. Some people can accept that their marriage is over and others can’t. When exactly is the line crossed and that love they once had turns to hate?

A good example of a love gone awry is Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent. The two were married for about three years, but were separated for two before finalizing the divorce in 2013.

Recently, there has been talk of Ghent sending death threats to Howard. It is currently under investigation, but Ghent is denying any involvement. If she is in fact involved, is she bitter about her ex moving on with Mira Pak or the announcement of her pregnancy?

It would be easy to chalk Ghent’s behavior up to jealously, but it’s possible that it goes a little deeper than that. Maybe she is angry about Howard claiming that she is a racist and just wants to get even? Who knows what is going in Ghent’s mind or the mind of any scorned lover.

After reading about so many break ups and divorces, you really can’t help but face the truth: there really is a line between love and hate.

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