Home News Thin Line Between Love, Murder and Greed: Ex-Wife Arrested in Murder of Former NBA Player
Thin Line Between Love, Murder and Greed: Ex-Wife Arrested in Murder of Former NBA Player

Thin Line Between Love, Murder and Greed: Ex-Wife Arrested in Murder of Former NBA Player


by G. Brown

For seven years, it was the mystery that just didn’t make sense. Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright seemingly just disappeared around July 18, 2010.  No one knew why or where he could have been. Ten days later, a decomposing body was discovered in a Memphis suburban.  Wright’s body had been found, but the mystery was just beginning.  The 34 year old had been shot several times.

The first person police talked to was the last person to see him alive–his ex wife Sherra Wright who spun a deceptive tale about Lorenzen leaving with a box of drugs and hanging around dangerous people. Even though she claimed she had nothing to do with the death of her ex husband, many people including Wright’s mother suspected Sherra right from the start. The few who believed her  who saw Sherra as a poor widow left to raise six children on her own started to crumble after a Sports Illustrated interview where she refused to answer if she had anything to do with her husband’s murder…

Memphis P.D.’s most high profiled murder, labeled ‘Operation Rebound’, went round and round in circles for years stalled for the lack of any physical evidence like the murder weapon or any witnesses. But even though the trail grew cold over the years, MPD never gave off.  Their patience and perseverance finally paid off with the arrest of Bill Turner a man who reportedly used to do yard work for Wright and was leading living an exemplary life according to his social media where often professed his Christian faith.  The man neighbors described as a hard working quiet family man was the dangling thread in Operation Rebound that when pulled unraveled the entire conspiracy to kill the former pro-ball player for a million dollar insurance policy.  The brain behind the murderous conspiracy, the mother of the decease’s six children and ex wife Sherra Wright. Investigators believe she not only planned her husband’s murder and hired Turner as the trigger man, but that she was standing nearby as her husband was murdered.

The murder was brutal, ruthless and cold-hearted.  But still, fans who remember Memphis’ favorite son who achieved greatness and fame, still find some grain of compassion for Sherra’s heinous act…

Sherra’s motive seems to have been greed.  She said in that Sports Illustrated interview that she used the insurance money to provide a comfortable lifestyle for her children.  The sad irony here is how her greed blinded her—how could a life without their father be comfortable? Instead of comfortable, Sherra compounded her family’s heartache because not only do her children have to live with the grief of losing their father, but now the knowledge that their mother is the one who him away from them.