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This 10 Year Old Motivational Speaker is Motivating America

This 10 Year Old Motivational Speaker is Motivating America


By: Leticia Latrice

Children can do amazing things is a meme on Neeyam Hudson’s Instagram page. Hudson is a 10 year old motivational speaker that has been inspiring kids everywhere. On social media he goes by the name of King Nahh.  He has started a positive movement to encourage kids to have self-love and confidence.


He currently has over 60,000 followers on Instagram.  His mission is to help children realize they are destined for greatness and can achieve anything they set their mind to. King Nahh states that a child has to have self- esteem and confidence. That a child has to be motivated or else they shut down. Once they shut down it is hard for them to ever realize their full potential in life. All of the wisdom coming from this young man is inspirational. It shows how talented and bright the youth of today can be.

He wrote his first book titled “We are All Kings!”. This book is for young men to inspire them to embrace their greatness and “king quality”. King Nahh has created a gofundme page to raise money to invest in publishing the book, going on tour and creating a website. Hudson has a great vision to provide a platform for children across the world to be uplifted. His mission is to brighten a child’s spirit who may not believe in themselves. He already is planning to write his next book “We are Queens Too”.  He wants to also create a network that will help children accomplish their dreams. With all of this drive and determination at age 10, Hudson is destined for great success.

A movement Encouraging children to love and believe in themselves is exactly what the world needs. Even though it’s cliché, the children are the future.  The more confidence and self –esteem they have the more successful they will become. There are so many negative influences in the world. It is easy for a child to go in the wrong direction. A 10 year old child that is promoting positive beliefs,  inspiring his generation is a rare and precious find in this world. We commend King Nahh for the great work he is doing , by uplifting young people in the world and positively influencing their lives.

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