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This is Christmas Tree Trimming on a Whole Other Level

This is Christmas Tree Trimming on a Whole Other Level


by Ms. Black Hollywood

Ask any Beyhive member and they will emphatically proclaim Beyoncé as a Goddess endowed with celestial qualities of beauty, grace and power.  Apparently, a company that’s turned the “Formation” singer into a Christmas tree ornament agrees and salutes Beyoncé and two other iconic women this holiday season.

The not-for-profit Women to Look Up To came up with the Tree Topper—or The Christmas Angel if you prefer— as an ode to women who are major forces of change in the world. The idea for the tree topper came last Christmas as  founder  Savannah Power and her sister were decorating for the holiday.  She says they “got chatting about the frumpy, old Angel that barely hangs off the top of our annual Xmas tree. We just felt uninspired by her, like she was a bit of a forgotten figure.”

Power says she wanted to create something that “can be a vehicle for change, to start a conversation.  A Christmas campaign to educate and make a difference“.   Once they had the idea and the design concept, it was time to find the right role models. They reached out on a women’s site and Power said they got some negative pushback from commenters who said they were using celebrities to push a product and that celebs don’t represent all women.  But Power says they chose models who she believes “represent something positive and have worked enormously hard to get where they are now.”

After more input from other women, they settled on three models for 2017– the Beyoncé ornament described on the order site as “Queen B…in all her singing glory with mic and angelic wings.  She’s a Sasha Fierce star, Queen Be centerpiece and inspirational gift“; Tennis champion Serena Williams  described as “a powerful message on top of your tree…She’s a Grand Slam star; and the woman described as “The First Lady of Christmas Tree Decorations” Hillary Clinton complete with power pantsuit and hands clasped over her heart.

The ornaments sell for £100 each…that’s about $134.00 in US currency. Its too late to get the ornaments before Christmas especially in the U.S. but the Women to Look Up To site is still taking orders.

What do you think…great way to honor iconic women and inspire others? Or just another Christmas gimmick?