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A little bit of product can do wonders for appearance. Most people think makeup is all fun and games but there are actually specific techniques to makeup application. Social media has made makeup more popular than ever but here are some things you should leave to the professionals.


picstitchEnhancing your brows can do wonders for framing your entire face. Your eyes are the focal point each time you interact and the brows can help define your eye shape. Your brow shape should match your face so the ideal thick, square shaped brow isn’t for everyone. Also, making your brows too long can actually drag your face down and make you look older. If you are having trouble finding the perfect brow for you, a great way to find out is to visit a local cosmetic counter. Brands like Benefit and Anastasia have quick and easy techniques that even novice artists can grasp!


Contouring is a technique that helps enhance your features to give you a more structured appearance. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are notorious for their high cheek bones and thin noses, and makeup contouring is responsible for that look. This technique isn’t the same for everyone. The goal is to create symmetry throughout your entire face, and since everyone has different features things have to be placed in different areas. Look at your features that aren’t quite symmetrical or that you want to further enhance, and work on those. You don’t need HDTV contouring to go to the local Walgreens!

False lashes can give you the doll eyes you’ve always wanted. Long lashes can give you a more glamorous appearance without using any other product. It isn’t against the rules to have long, full lashes but make sure the lash pattern isn’t for a runway show. Individual lashes or bands with thinner hairs look the most natural. Lashes with thicker clusters, colors, or rhinestones are fun, but be sure they are worn for the right occasion.

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