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Top 5 Black Owned Businesses Run by Children

Top 5 Black Owned Businesses Run by Children


By: Evette Champion

Have you ever laid in bed and all of a sudden you have this fantastic idea for a great business? There’s nothing that excitement that you get when you’re brimming to the top so many ideas of what to do and how to make everything work. You spend your day daydreaming about the business and it becomes an undeniable itch that you want to scratch.

For most of us, we don’t have the ability or the know how to go about bringing their ideas into fruition. However, when our kids are passionate about their ideas and make them a reality, it is definitely worth supporting and celebrating.

Here are five top black owned businesses ran by children.

download (2)Bee Sweet Lemonade – Today, BeeSweet Lemonade is featured in Whole Foods Market and is flying off the shelf at the natural and organic food store. The lemonade is also found at restaurants, food trailers and natural food companies that deliver.




download (3)Mo’s Bows – Mo’s Bows is a company that was started when the owner, Moziah, was just 9 years old all because Moziah couldn’t find fun and unique bow toes. He used his grandmother’s scrap fabric to make his own and sell them.




download (4)Maya’s Ideas – Maya’s Ideas started when she was just 8 years old. She creates clothing and accessories that are eco-friendly, and her items are sold all over the world. She uses 10 to 20% of her profits to give back to local and global charities and environmental organizations.




download (6)Mr. Cory’s Cookies – Cory always wanted to make the world better for everyone in his life. He combines this passion with his love for delicious treats. His cookies are all natural and use high quality ingredients that everyone can pronounce.




download (7)E & C Popcorn Shop – This Atlanta based retailer makes homemade “gluten free” gourmet specialty caramel popcorn and is distributed online all over the country. The company was started when Monique and Ben Evans rewarded their sons for having a productive day at school by teaching them about business and entrepreneurship.

What business ideas did you have a as a child that you wish could have come to life?