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Top 5 Crazy Celeb Moments of 2015



By: Evette Champion

With the new year quickly approaching, we have prepare to say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016. As we look reflect on our lives, we want you to remember that you aren’t the only one to have had a crazy year.

  1. Madonna Struggles to Stay Relevant

Back in April, thousands of people flocked to California to take part in Coachella. Fans who attended the festival were treated (if you want to call it that) to a performance with Madonna and Drake, where she laid a less than welcomed kiss on Drake.

  1. Zendaya Calls Out Photoshoppers

Okay, so maybe Zendaya isn’t crazy for calling out the magazine Modeliste for photoshopping her body her already slim figure to get rid of her hips and making her torso slimmer; but it is refreshing to see a young role model that people can look up to who doesn’t feel the need to flaunt her body left and right to get attention.


  1. Kanye West Running For President

Ah, Kanye West announced at the MTV VMA’s that he was going to run for the 2020 presidential bid. What’s even crazier is that he is getting support from other celebs. While it may not actually happen (could you imagine if it does??), it can’t be any worse than candidates we currently have running… Right?

  1. Bill Cosby Continued to Perform

For the past year, countless women have come out of the woodworks to tarnish Bill Cosby’s reputation with accusations of drugging and raping them. Amid the accusations, he continued to perform on his “Far From Finished” comedy tour. He ignored hecklers, protesters, and cancellations. The real crazy thing is that during his show in Ontario, he made the tasteless joke, “You have to be careful about drinking around me.”cosby


  1. Lamar Odom

Whether it is his drug addiction, the divorce that is still pending between he and Khloe, or the overdose in a Las Vegas brothel a few months ago, Lamar Odom may have had the craziest year of them all. Although his life no longer hangs in the balance, he is struggling to get back to good health.


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