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It is no secret that many cosmetic companies don’t cater to deep skin tones. Their so called bronzers are the same color as your skin, and the foundation colors stop at some paper white color they claim is chestnut. Believe it or not, some brands have taken this as an opportunity to challenge the cosmetic industry and offer more options for women of color. If you are tired of going to your local cosmetic counter and getting talked into a lighter shade or mixing tones, maybe you should give these brands a try.

For Problem Skin
Clinique Even Better
_7571210Since Clinique has been around for so many years, most people write them off as a skincare brand for teens. I am here to tell you not to overlook this classic brand because they have greatly improved. Clinique has recently created the Even Better Foundation, which is a spin off of their breakthrough dark spot corrector. Clinique Even Better foundation is a medium to full coverage that comes in a wide range of colors. It is packed with the same brightening complex found in their skin brightener, which promotes even skin tone while you wear it. The SPF 30 helps to protect the skin to avoid any hyper pigmentation and will help you on your journey to a perfectly even complexion. This product had been allergy and dermatologist tested so is perfect for those with sensitive skin.




For Dry Skin
Smashbox Halo
maxresdefault Created, tested, and photographed in Smashbox’s personal studio, this foundation was made with love and handled with care. This amazing brand is known for its versatility and their foundations aren’t an exception. Smashbox Halo is a lightweight, but buildable, foundation that will give your skin a luminous glow. Its light reflecting particles can bring life to any skin type, while providing intense hydration. Gel pigments help hide imperfections leaving your skin looking better than a porcelain doll. This foundation is oil free so no need to worry about breakouts from clogged pores.


For Oily Skin
Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet
matAn oily skin type is very common among African Americans and it may be hard to keep it under control. Matte Velvet is a full coverage foundation that is perfect for covering any imperfection. Its silky formula glides on like no other, leaving skin flawless each and every time. The formula is dry, so be sure you have truly oily skin and it’s not just a case of dehydration. The formula is highly pigmented so you only need a pearl sized amount to cover the entire face.

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