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Torrei Hart Says She’s Not Bitter She’s Just Being Honest




Comedian Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart sat down with Madame Noire and shares a thing or two about her involvement with Real Housewives, Soar, Skimpy Mixtures, and her self-based website.  One of the things she talks about is being referred to as “the bitter ex” of Kevin Hart.  Is this an over-exaggeration, or was she really bitter for a period of time?

According to Hart, she was wrongly labeled due to her completely honest explanation.

“It’s not like I was on this campaign saying ‘you know what I’m here to talk about Kevin’.  People ask me questions and I just answer the questions. That’s it.  So, when I tell and speak the truth it may come off bitter to some people.  But no, I’m just telling my side of the story…”

Now that she mentioned it, Kevin Hart’s comical exaggeration of her mixed with Torrei’s truth-telling may not mix well to her advantage.  Since Kevin Hart is a comedian, he may come off as someone who is light-hearted about the discussion about his ex-wife.

“…Unfortunately, I’m not doing stand-up so I can’t tell it in a ‘jokey-joke’ way which, a lot of people they’re okay if it’s a joke.  But if it’s not a joke, then it’s considered bitter.”

I think this makes a lot of sense.  Unless of course she really is bitter.  But then she goes on to confirm that she’s not bitter when asked what her relationship is like with Kevin these days.

“Me and Kevin actually have a good relationship even though it may not seem that way.  We put a lot differences aside just because we have the children. We are cordial and we are good friends and for the sake of the kids, we do have to stay that way.”

That’s very good that these two as parents think about the kids before themselves.  That’s actually a couple steps up in the maturity realm for a Real Housewife.

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